Can you win consistently at Baccarat?

Can you win consistently at Baccarat?

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Baccarat is one of the simplest and the fastest casino games, and like any other casino game, the luck factor will play a key role. However, you can structure your play in a better way by applying certain strategies, rather than depending only on luck.

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Staking Strategies

To win consistently over the long term in Baccarat, efficient money management is vital. You can choose from a number of staking strategies, but the following two are more commonly used:

Martingale System – Negative Progression Strategy

The Martingale strategy is based on the logic that you cannot keep losing consecutively for too long, and by the law of mathematical probability, you will eventually win. The system requires you to double your stake after each loss.

As you keep doubling, you will eventually win and cover all previous losses, and also make a profit. When you double the stake with each loss, the total wagered amount will escalate fast, and an eventual victory will be large enough to wipe out the previous losses.

1-3-2-4 System – Positive Progression Strategy

In the 1-3-2-4 strategy, you are required to begin by betting one unit, and keep betting one unit as long as you lose. And once you win, you have to bet three units. If you win, you bet two units, and if you lose, you go back to the system of betting one unit.

If you get four consecutive wins, you will begin the sequence again, but would have made a profit of 10 units. The strategy is designed to minimize losses and maximize profits in games where the key bets are around evens.

Betting Strategies

Once you have acquired a basic understanding of the staking strategies to win consistently at Baccarat, it is time to utilize sound betting strategies.

Betting on the Tied Hand

This strategy has the lowest probability but the highest odds. The odds are usually 8:1, which can appear attractive, and the House Edge is expectedly the highest at 14.36 percent. However, it rarely occurs. In Baccarat, the probability for a tie is 9.53 percent.

Betting on the Player’s Hand

While the House Edge is 1.24 percent for player bets (which is significantly better than the tie), in Baccarat it is still not the most effective bet to make. But if you score a win by betting on the player’s hand, you will double your stake. Some players prefer this result because you per hand win will be higher.

Betting on the Banker’s Hand

For banker bets, the House Edge in Baccarat is 1.06 percent. Experienced players typically start on this bet. If you win banker bets, you will usually have to pay five percent commission to the casino. This could seem discouraging, but over a period of time, you will keep more the bankroll. That makes it a good long term strategy when you play Baccarat.

Key Takeaway

The all-important question is whether you can win consistently at Baccarat. Well, you can improve your chances if you always begin by betting on the Banker. You might want to switch between the player and the Banker. However, the smart money usually remains on the Banker.

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