Card Games’ Myths and Superstitions you want to know

Card Games’ Myths and Superstitions you want to know

Card games are as old as gambling. The reason behind this is that way back in the earliest times, gambling was synonymous with card games. To this day, card games are still one of the most popular games in the gambling industry. Over the years, many myths, superstitions and unconventional beliefs relating to card games have arisen and grown in prominence. The majority of these are largely focused on enhancing the probability of winning. For those who believe in superstitions and are willing to give superstitions a chance in gambling, you can have a look here to enjoy a premier online casino.

52 is the lucky number

Almost all card games involve some form of calculations whether during the middle of the game or when calculating the outcome. As such, Asian traditional beliefs state that everyone playing a card game of his/her choice needs to consider using the number ‘52’ whenever possible to do so. The reasoning behind this is that 52 represents the number of weeks in a calendar year and if one uses this number, s/he will be blessed by the gods.

Never perform divination on a new deck

Divination is the process of foretelling future events by supernatural means. In most traditions including Asian culture and the Greek culture, many people who perform divination use a new deck of playing cards. However, there is a myth that if one performs divination using a new deck and proceeds to play poker or any other game using that deck, then s/he is going to lose every game that s/he plays. There are different versions of where this myth originated from but it’s widely believed to be true by most gamers.

The Left Hand Curse

When sitting at the poker table or playing any other card or table game, it’s believed (according to Chinese superstition) that using the left hand is rude and doing so will see the player being punished by the gods. As such, all players must use their right hand (even left-handed players).

Singing, Whistling and Dropping Cards

According to Chinese superstition (and also some Western cultures), a player must not sing, whistle or drop cards. To Chinese superstition, doing any of these three while playing is regarded as a sign of contempt against the gods and doing so will lead the gods to punish the player. In Western cultures, doing any of these three is regarded as a sign of rudeness and begets bad luck.

Sitting Cross-Legged is a Bad Omen

It’s not really clear where this superstition originated from but many gamers believe that it’s true. The superstition states that players must not sit crossing their legs whenever they play card games. while it’s not clear why this is so, one may suggest that sitting while crossing one’s legs will make the player overly relaxed and comfortable thereby making him/her lose focus and pay less attention to the game.

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