6 Fun and Simple Valentines Day Crafts to Make With a Deck of Cards

6 Fun and Simple Valentines Day Crafts to Make With a Deck of Cards

 by Yvonne Hanson © Gifts for Card Players

If you’re the type who loves Love and loves crafts, this list is perfect for you. Grab yourself a few decks of red-backed playing cards (can be found cheap and easy at almost any second hand or dollar store), some sturdy card stock, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and some twine or festive ribbon. Stocked with these items, you’ll be ready to make any of the valentines-inspired crafts on this list.


1) “Love” Garland

If you have managed to score a pack of classic red Bicycle playing cards, perfect. If not, select a set of playing cards with a simple, uncluttered design on the back. String four cards together with twine or use clothespins to hang them on a length of festive ribbon. Cut the letters for “Love” out of white or cream-coloured paper and glue them to the back of each card. Optional: bracket the letters with the front-facing sides of the kind and queen of hearts. This garland hangs nicely on a front door or on an office bulletin board.


52 Things that I love about you

2) 52 Things That I Love About You

A classic romantic gift idea for a friend or partner, grab a deck of cards and write a little something on each one that describes why you love and appreciate them. This project works well as a little book tied together with string, or as a set of lose cards in a cute box with a decorated cover. You can find a nice


Queen of Hearts Scrapbook

3) Tiny Queen of Hearts Scrapbook

Cut some heavy card stock into sheets that are the same length as a playing card but twice as long. Fold them in half and punch two holes along the seam- these will be the pages of your scrapbook. Use twine or festive ribbon to string the pages together into a small book. Use two playing cards glued front-to-front as the back cover, and the queen of hearts glued back-to-front with another card as the front cover. This little book can make an excellent gift if filled with small photos or words of praise that are meaningful to the recipient.


Hearts cards wreath

4) Deck of Hearts Wreath

Cut the shape of a large heart out of cardboard, and cut out the centre to make a heart- shaped “wreath frame” that is about two inches wide on all sides. Sort through a deck of playing cards and set aside the entire suit of hearts. Glue the cards along the wreath frame face-up so that they radiate out from the middle. This wreath is the perfect replacement for the winter-festive wreath that may still be on your door.

5) Hearty Handful of Coupons

A fun gift for a significant other! Set aside the heart suit of a deck of cards. Cut card- shaped pieces out of blank card stock and glue them to the back of each card. On each paper, write a ‘coupon’ for a service or gift that the recipient can get from you by redeeming the coupon. Examples of fun and easy coupons include; “one homemade dinner of your choice”, “One 15 minute scalp massage”, “One continental breakfast in bed”, and “One all-expense-paid snack-run to the corner store”.


6) Martha’s Playing Card Valentines

We love Martha Stwart’s seasonal crafts. For this one you’ll need to find glassine envelopes that fit a playing card – then with a marker (a gold or silver sharpie would work well) you can write funny sentiments on the bag and slip the appropriate playing card inside. Some examples are:

You’re an Ace (Ace inside)
I’m betting you’ll be my Valentine
You Suit Me
We’re 2 of a Kind
To my Queen of Hearts (or King of Hearts)
Deal with it. You’re mine!
You’re 2 Sweet (2 of hearts inside)
No Joking! I love you (Joker inside)
You’re the Real Deal / My Love’s the Real Deal

For more Valentine Crafts we always love Martha Stewart’s magazine. We’ve done the searchf or you.

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