You can do magic – and here’s how.

Top five most famous card tricks that you can do at home!

There’s something special about card tricks. They are often the highlight of a magician’s show and can have audiences on the edge of their seats. From classic pick-a-card routines to mind-blowing miracles, anyone can master these amazing feats with practice and skill. We’ve rounded up the top five most famous card tricks that you can learn at home and impress your friends with! 

The Invisible Deck

This is one of the most versatile and popular card tricks ever invented. To perform this trick, you need an invisible deck—a normal deck of cards where all the cards are face down except for one, which appears to be blank. With a few simple moves, it looks like you’re able to make any card chosen by your audience appear in the blank spot. It’s perfect for beginners because it requires very little sleight of hand. 

The Ambitious Card Trick

This classic trick has been around since the early 1800s, but it still astonishes audiences today. The basic effect is that a single playing card is placed in between two other cards and then magically jumps back up to the top of the pack again and again until it eventually ends up in your pocket or even inside a lemon! Even though there are multiple ways to do this trick, each version will leave your spectators scratching their heads! 

The Twisting Aces Trick

This is one of those old school classics that never gets old! It starts off with four aces (the four highest value cards) being spread out on a table and then suddenly they twist around each other before ending up back in their starting positions. It’s an impressive feat that will leave your audience wondering how you did it! 

The Four Kings Trick

Another classic trick from days gone by, this involves four kings (the four lowest value cards) being placed into different parts of a deck before suddenly jumping back together again at once. It’s an incredible illusion that has been around for over 200 years—and it still works every time! 

The Pick Any Card Trick

This is probably one of the most famous card tricks out there—and for good reason! Using slight misdirection and sleight of hand, you make it look like you’re able to predict which card someone has chosen from among many without looking at them. It’s great for experienced magicians who want to add more “wow factor” to their shows! 

Warning! The opening to this video is LOUD.


The world of magic is filled with amazing illusions and mind-boggling feats that can leave even the most cynical person speechless. If you’re looking to take your next magic show up a notch or just have some fun learning some new skills, these five famous card tricks should help get you started on becoming a master magician yourself! Who knows? You may even find yourself performing these same tricks onstage someday soon! Our favourite place to learn card tricks is PENGUIN MAGIC. 

So grab some playing cards and start practicing – you may be surprised what feats are possible when you hone your craft!


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