Gifting Your Kings & Queens in 2022

Gifting Your Kings & Queens in 2022

by Alex J Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

Kings and Queens deserve special gifts during Christmastime or Yuletde, and you can get a whole lot more creative than the usual gifts of incense, gold, and myrrh for the most special people who share your life.

Here are some of the best gifts to buy your most beloved chess player this Christmas, and where to find them. 

Chess King Flask Necklace

Want to feel like a King for a day? Why not feel like a King every day? Starting off with a strong chess-theme, you can find these King flask necklaces on Amazon – and what you choose to keep in the flask around your neck, we’ll just leave up to you.

Chess Queen Necklace

If you’d rather go with a charm than a flask (or Queen over King), there are many great chess-piece pendants and charms on the internet marketplace. This particular one is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, but there are many, many more.

The Queen’s Gambit: Walter Tevis

Arguably ranked as one of the best “chess novels” of our time, The Queen’s Gambit (and its accompanying series) has created a whole wave of chess discussion – though there are still many chess players who haven’t read it. Now is perfect, and the book stands the test of time!

Portable, Magnetic Chess

Chess boards don’t have to be huge – and in fact, they can be tiny enough to fit in your pocket. It’s not all about smartphones even in the times of tech. Portable, magnetic chess boards could very well be one of the best things since sliced bread (y’know, if you could play chess with sliced bread).

Three-Player Chess Set

From This Is Why I’m Broke, comes the gift for the chess players who probably have everything. Here’s a chess set made for three players. Oh, and there’s one more thing that sets this chess set apart: the pieces are made from ice – silicone molds included.

Super Mario Bros Chess Board

Also From This Is Why I’m Broke, you can find this great Super Mario Bros set for the player who loves to imagine game cross-overs. Optional rule: pieces are encouraged to hop from one space to the next.

Ebony & Rosewood Chess Set

For chess with the more classic feel, there’s also this beautiful ebony & rosewood chess set. Made well, this set can last for ages. Accessories for the atmosphere, candles and Victorian wear, available separately.

Chess Dotcom Membership

There’s an old chess saying which says, “It’s better to gift someone chess, than to not gift someone chess.” Something like that: buy your beloved a membership – whether they’re a member, or this is their first.

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