Fun Casino Games for Playing Card Lovers

Fun Casino Games for Playing Card Lovers

If there’s one thing a card game can guarantee you: Unlimited fun. You only need your cards and your family or friends. You can quickly get straight to bonding time. Moreover, you can play games at the beach, camping, on vacations, or while lounging at home.

If you’re looking for new and exciting games when you need to unwind with your friends and family, here are five fun activities. Learn about the rules and the objectives of each game below:

Blackjack (21)

You don’t have to bet on money to play and enjoy a blackjack game. Instead, you could bet on who gets to do chores with your family or dares with your friends. As long as the whole group agrees on the “bets” of the game and you’re dealer for every game you want to play, you can enjoy blackjack anywhere or anytime.   

Furthermore, blackjack has a straightforward objective: you need to beat the dealer. Here, you must draw a card close or precisely to 21. You also don’t have to mind other players in the game; you only need to beat the dealer to win.

Blackjack assigns values to different cards. Those numbered two to ten are counted with the numbers they show, face cards are counted as ten, and ace cards can either be a one or 11 (depending on which value can help the player the most.) 

Additionally, players decide how to play their hand every time – whether to stand, hit, or surrender. Choosing to stand means you’re already pleased with your cards, and the move immediately moves on to the next player. Hit means the dealer will give you one more card since you want to improve your card values. If your ‘hit’ causes your cards to add up to more than 21 you are ‘bust’ and out of the game. Lastly, surrender means discarding your cards, losing half your bet, and waiting for the next round.

The rules are simple for this fun game that will provide a thrill during your bonding time. And as your crew improves their skills there are many add-ons to basic play. You can find all of this on the card game rules site Pagat.

Moreover, it’s one of the FanDuel Casino games that will make you think deeply about your next move while unwinding with those close to you.

Eight Cards

A game of eight cards is wild. You have the same rules as UNO and can play this with many people. You can even place a prize for the winner of the game – just like blackjack. Just like its name – each player will need eight cards. 

The goal of each player is to discard all eight cards. Once a player discards their cards, the game ends, and they’re regarded as the winner. To discard your card, you must follow the suit or the value of the person playing before you.

Unlike UNO, you won’t have cards like reverse, plus four, or colour change. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get half the fun playing eight cards. Eight cards still offer plenty of thrill if you’re looking for new activities, as it’s great for kids and families.  


The most important rule to remember when playing spades is that the spade suit is the best. You can enjoy this game with two sets of partners (4 players), each receiving 13 cards. Moreover, this game will need a minimum number of tricks, so your group needs to lay down the grounds before the game. 

It would help to discuss how many tricks (a set of four cards) you think other players must deal with to win. You don’t have to specify suit patterns or cards if you have several possible tricks for every opponent. Furthermore, a note is made for all these tricks. 

After your bidding, the player on the left leads to the first trick while the others follow suit. The partner that throws the highest value out of the four cards wins the trick – where the partners take the trick to keep track of the cards. The player that wins the round leads the second trick with any card they want. 

To win spades, your partner should correctly estimate your cards. If you think your partner is overestimating or underestimating the strength of your cards, you should then play your hand as close to the estimate as possible. 


If you’re looking for another trick-taking game, hearts is another fun activity. Your objective is to have the lowest score when one player reaches 100 points, signaling the end of the game. In the deck, the ace is ranked the highest, and the two are the lowest. 

Just like spades, a player wins the trick when they play the highest card of the trick. However, hearts don’t require players to guess the number of tricks. With hearts, a player can’t deal a trick using a heart card unless a heart has been broken or played in the game. 

Each player counts the total of their tricks when all hands are played. Moreover, you can even add rules to your hearts game: by adding penalty points for specific face cards. Those who have the Jack of Diamonds get to subtract nine points from their score, or those who get the Queen of Spades must add their scores by 12. 

Final Thoughts

Your 52-card pack will never run out of fun activities, as there is always more to discover in the world of cards. These four games are just a tiny scratch for card lovers out there. Nonetheless, the fun and excitement will be precisely what you want.

Photo by Anna Shvets

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