Merry Your Christmas with Family Card Games

Merry Your Christmas with Family Card Games

Christmas is the season of joy and family get-togethers. Most families relish sweet treats, Christmas dinner, opening gifts, and binge-watching movies.

What if Christmas eve can be made a bit personal? Bring in a deck of cards and let the family party begin.

These card games offer loads of entertainment as multiple players can join. The best part is playing as many games as you want with the same deck of cards without spending a fortune on games and pieces. And maybe you can slip a few of these Holiday Playing Card Decks into the mix.

So, grab around your cousins, elders and other loved ones to make some of the best memories. Throw a cup of hot beverage, warm up the fireplace and snacks as the night has just begun.

Want some game suggestions? Here is a list of the top four games you can enjoy on Christmas eve.

Top games to play on Christmas Eve

This is a list of card games individuals can try with their family on occasions.

  1. Crazy Eight

Welcome, Santa, as you play this fun card game with your family. Ideal for 2 to 8 players; crazy eight is all about clearing all the cards faster.

Here’s how to play-

  • Start by dealing five cards and keeping it face down. The game begins with the card left from player to dealer. Keep the rest of the cards face backwards in a pile and turn the first card and place it tilted back in a different spot.
  • If eight is facing backwards, it must be placed in the middle of the deck, and the next card must be tilted. This begins the starter pile.
  • Each player places a card face up on the starter pile starting from the dealer’s left side. Each card player’s card must match with the card placed on the top of a starter pile in denomination or suit. The player draws a card from the facedown or top cards if he/she is unable to play the chance.
  • The player must pass his/ her turn to the subsequently player when the facedown pile runs out.
  • Now simply save the card at the start of the starter pile and shuffle the underneath cards. Turn them and make them a new stockpile.
  • Save the card at the top of the starter pile, turn them face down, and make them the new stockpile. Remember, all eights are wild and can be played any time.
  • A player who has no card left wins the game!

Make the game a bit special by adding gifts for winning. We suggest gifting them a customised deck of cards. An exclusive gift such as a beautiful gold foiled deck of cards with the player’s name imprinted on it.

  1. Cheat

Let’s jazz up the game by cheating. This game is ideal for four to six members. From grandparents to teens, everyone can participate. The steps are as follows-

  • Start this fun game by dealing out the cards evenly. Don’t forget to place the extra cards face down in a pile.
  • A player announces the number of aces he owns and puts them face down on the pile
  • The following player repeats the step wi twos and threes. Remember, you have the right to bluff!
  • Catch the lier and make them pick up the whole pile.
  • One with no cards left gets to do the ‘winner dance’.

The best part is you know who lies often! That’s a bonus! Make this Christmas game rewarding by placing gifts for winners.

  1. Spoons

Every card game lover is familiar with spoons. Players can be unlimited.

  • Start by placing the spoons by counting the number of participants. You have to put one spoon less. For instance, for six participants, place five spoons.
  • Deal out four cards to each player and place the rest on the deck to a dealer.
  • This dealer passes one card from the deck to the next player and continues to do the same. This continues till a player scores four of a kind. They have to grab a spoon from the setup sneakily.
  • People need to catch on and grab as many spoons as possible. The odd one gets punishment and a letter ‘S’ for the first violation, followed by ‘P’ till ‘spoon’ is spelt.
  • The individual punished with the spelling ‘spoon’ is eliminated, and the last player standing is the winner.

So, grab your precious spoons and spend Christmas eve by playing this fun game with your loved one.

  1. Slapjack

This game has a simple concept a race to collect all the cards. Ideal for four to six members, this card game entertains both adults and children. The fun part, there is no limit to interactions.

  • Every player sits around in a circle and deals clockwise unit the cards run out. These cards are faced down.
  • Each player draws a card from the top of a deck and hides it from opponents. They place the card in the centre.
  • Try to slap the Jack court card when turned upside or simply hide it. If several players hit it at once, the person who grabs it first gets all the cards.
  • However, if one incorrectly slaps a card, they have to return the top card of their pile to the winner. They also need to add an extra card to their deck.
  • This game continues till a person wins all the opponents cards.

You are slapjack, mate! End the game with a contest to find the ultimate gift. We suggest placing the gifts in the Christmas stockings.

This is our top four picks for card games to play on Christmas day. These games are fun and pocket-friendly.

So, pick up your favourite 52-card deck and grab your family to spend hours of entertainment while celebrating a cosy and loving Christmas night.

Merry Christmas!

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