Most Played Electronic Games in Online Casinos

Most Played Electronic Games in Online Casinos

Electronic games are usually played on electro-mechanical supports which can be manipulated by making use of a; lever, pull-stick, or push-button. Before gameplay, each player is expected to deposit; coins, bills, barcode bearing tickets, plastic tokens, or even metal balls. 

When this is done, the gameplay can then start and this includes frequent control of the lever, the push-stick, or the pull-stick. 

There are different electronic games available in most casinos like bk88 and bk8. These games include:


Pachinko is a popular Japanese electronic game that is played making use of metal-ball bearings. In this game, the ball-bearings are shot round board with several targets with the pull-stick. By changing the strength of one’s pull, it increases the player’s chances of hitting their targets. Some of the targets increase the quick release of alike balls.

Hitting a ball on different targets introduces a mini-game on the screen in the middle of the console screen. The main aim of the game is to end up with more balls than those put in the console and the balls are always swapped for money.


Slots is a game which involves rotating reels which have symbols of several monetary values. Most slot machines always characterize a set of three reels that spin at different speeds. The gameplay focuses on matching the symbols on all of the three reels. To start playing, use the side lever or the push-button.

The main aim of the player does have an identical symbol for all three reels that have the same matching symbol but there is a payout for the different combinations of matching symbols that the player receives immediately.

Video Poker 

Video poker is similar to card poker when it comes to their gameplay rules. The major difference between the two is that; video poker gameplay takes place within a 2D or 3D replicated environment and is conducted by a dealer.

Video Bingo 

Video bingo shares some similarities with live poker with relations to gameplay rules. The main difference between the two is that video bingo takes place within a 2D or 3D replicated environment while video poker makes use of a replicated game host.

Mixed Casino Games 

Other gambling games take place in casinos that offer real-time multiplayer participation. Some of the mixed casino games categories found on bk8 and bk88 online casino comprises of:


Bingo is a game of luck that allows multiplayer participation. The gameplay includes looking for a number sequence in a 5 by 5 number matrix printed on paper. Numbers range from 1 to 75 and are selected by a ball machine. When a player succeeds to find a matching symbol, they are expected to say “bingo” to get a reward.

Ticket Lotteries 

Lottery tickets share game principles with bingo and they both make use of different random numbers that are automatically generated by the ball machines. A winning lottery ticket has a blend of different numbers in any order and results are always released on a weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual draw. 

Fixed-Odds Betting 

In this game, the odds are provided to the players ahead of the game hence a player can use different sizes and wagers depending on the odds.

Sports Betting 

Sports-betting is one of the currently popular types of gambling and it is all about betting on the outcome of a sports game. Present sports betting revolves around football because it is the most popular game. Other sports games include; basketball and rugby.


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