Most Popular Casino Games in India

Most Popular Casino Games in India

If asked to name a global gambling hotspot, most would likely plump for the bright lights of Las Vegas, or perhaps the biggest new kid on the gambling block, Macau. When it comes to the online scene, however, possibly the biggest booming market is that of India.

Whilst land-based casino gaming is prohibited in the majority of the country, the explosion of online gambling on the subcontinent has recently been hitting the Casino News headlines. Online Casinos that accept Indian Rupees are now beginning to hit the market at an ever-increasing rate. All across the country players are logging in to participate in one of the internet’s most popular activities. But which games are they playing?



A couple of classics head the list, beginning with the timeless spinning wheel of roulette. The numbers on the red and black wheel may add up to an ominous 666 – leading to the nickname of “The Devil’s Wheel” – but that hasn’t prevented Roulette from maintaining an almost permanent position at the top of the global gaming rankings. They love it in Macao, and it seems they love it in Mumbai too.



The most popular Player vs Banker game on the planet, the battle to be the closest to the magic number of 21 has been enthralling gamblers for generations now. Easy to grasp and play, it is no surprise that BlackJack has proved such a success, and Indian Gamblers have quickly been taken in by its charm.



A total of 9 is the Holy Grail in this sophisticated game made famous by fictional spy James Bond, and real-life errant aristocrat Lord Lucan. In common with Blackjack, Baccarat also features a hand for the player and one for the dealer, however, in Baccarat the player is free to bet on either the player’s or banker’s hand should they wish.


Teen Patti

Literally translated as “Three Cards” this game originated on the Indian Subcontinent, although it likely took its inspiration from the traditional English game of Three Card Brag. Similar to Poker in many ways, players post an ante or “boot” with the aim of making hands such as three-of-a-kind, straight flushes, straights, flushes, and pairs.


Indian Rummy

This game for between 2 and 6 players, sees each player initially dealt a hand of 13 cards. Play then continues with players drawing and discarding cards until one player has filled their hand with valid sequences e.g., straights of the same suit, or three cards of matching value. Popular in households throughout the country, the game has also taken off with online players.


Andar Bahar

Translated as “Inside Outside” and known as Ullae Veliyae in Hindi, Andar Bahar is another traditional Indian card game. Extremely simple to play, the game begins with the banker dealing one face-up central card, known as the House Card. The dealer will then deal one card in turn to two piles – known as Andar and Badar. Players simply bet on which pile will be the first to receive a card which matches the value of the House Card.

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