Soccer Betting Strategy Ahead of the FIFA World Cup

Soccer Betting Strategy Ahead of the FIFA World Cup

No doubt about the subject which will be dominating the sports news headlines in the coming months. Few events capture the imagination of the public to quite the same extent as the FIFA World Cup. 

Held in Qatar this year, the event once again looks set to see talk turn away from subjects such as the relationship between squad value and finishing position, and towards the 64 games on offer between the 20th of November and December.

Popular not only with spectators, the event also attracts an unparalleled level of betting turnover, as punters attempt to turn a profit at the greatest show on earth. For those interested in participating in this betting bonanza, we present a selection of factors you ought to consider.


FIFA World Rankings: Whilst many soccer fans will be familiar with the biggest teams in the tournament, some of the smaller nations may represent something of an unknown quantity. One of the best ways in which to quickly assess the merits of a side is via its FIFA World Ranking. This metric, produced by the sports governing body, collates all results and performances to assign a ranking to every nation competing. Whilst not fool proof, the rankings are one of the most accurate ways of quickly assessing the quality of each side.


Always Check the Team News: Almost all sides have at least one or two players who are absolutely key to their performance; be that a rock at the heart of the defence, midfield creative maestro, or star striker. The absence of any of these players from the starting line-up can greatly affect that side’s chances of winning.


Check Recent Head-to-Head Records: At the World Cup it is always tempting to blindly side with the biggest-name nations in their games.  However, before placing your bet, it is always worth checking the head-to-head record against the nation they are playing. The big-name side will no doubt contain more star names, but perhaps there is something about the formation and tactics of the opposition which they have struggled to break through in recent encounters. This quick check will likely either enable you to place your bet with greater confidence or give you pause to think again.


Utilise the Stats: Soccer bettors often look no further than the recent results of a side when picking out their bets. Whilst this is useful information – and a string of recent wins is undoubtedly better than a sequence of draws or losses – it does not always tell the true story. Teams can play poorly and still manage to win, and conversely, perform well and simply be unlucky on the day. Measures such as Total Possession, Shots on Target, and in particular Expected Goals, can give a fuller picture of how a side is performing than a simple look at the bare result.


Focus on The Major Nations for Outright Winner Bets: The 21 editions of the World Cup to date have been shared between only seven nations. Since 1990, only five countries have managed to lift the trophy – Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. There will no doubt be shocks along the way, but when the dust settles it remains likely that one of the global soccer superpowers will emerge victorious.

Photo by Rhett Lewis on Unsplash

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