Most Popular Poker Types and Tips for Beginners

Most Popular Poker Types and Tips for Beginners

Poker is one of the most popular card games globally. The exciting mix of luck and skill makes this game the top pick for millions worldwide. As with many other table games, poker has several popular variations. Even though the rules differ, it all comes down to making the winning hand by combining cards in your hands and from the community cards. There are numerous winning hands to consider, making it challenging to predict what your opponent might be going for. This article will go over the most popular poker types you can find and mention a couple of valuable tips to consider.

The Most Popular Poker Types

Players who explore other parts of the casino often end up playing poker. The skill-based elements of the game make it the top pick for competitive players. After taking a break from playing the top paying online pokies, players enjoy the excitement that a well-played round of poker can bring. There’s a lot of choices for beginners who are interested in poker. Here are the most popular variations.

1. Five-Card Draw

Even though this is not the most popular type, as Texas Hold’em is the most played poker, Five Card Draw wins first due to its timelessness and simplicity. It’s the perfect poker type for beginners. Players receive five cards, then they take one round to exchange them, and those who make the best hands win the round. It’s straightforward and often played by beginners to learn what are good poker hands.

2. Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker type widely enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. You can find it in any brick-and-mortar casino and online casino. Each of the players gets two cards. Then, as the betting round finishes, community cards facing up appear on the table until a total of five community cards are on the table. Then, the players turn over their cards and combine them with those on the table. The player with the best hand takes the win. That is a challenging poker type, and beginners should first play it to learn the game without betting real money.

3. Omaha Hold’em

Omaha is similar to the Texas Hold’em variant at first glance. Of course, a couple of crucial differences dictate a different play style. Each player receives four cards face down. Next, all five community cards are on the table, and they get turned over simultaneously. So there are no rounds that reveal the first three and then the fourth and the fifth card like in Texas Hold’em. When the cards face up, the players pick two of their cards and combine them with the community ones to form the best hand.

4. Chinese Poker

The Chinese variant will surprise you if you’re looking for a completely different poker experience. All the participants receive 13 cards during the round. Players then create three combinations, two with five cards and one with three. The first hand of five cards is the strongest, then the second one with five cards is middle, while the weakest one is the combination of three cards. After placing bets, players reveal their cards, and the one with the best hands wins. If a player makes a flush in all three hands, they automatically win the game. It’s nice for beginners, as it heavily relies on luck.

5. Seven-Card Stud

The seven-card stud is a unique poker style that enthusiasts enjoy. It starts when each player gets two face-down cards and one face-up card. The next round deals three face-up cards, and in the last round, players get the final face-down card. Then the player combines the five best cards to form the best hand. There’s a lot of strategy in this poker variation, as you can slightly anticipate what the players are going for. Still, it’s a variation that’s not beginner-friendly. However, if you can play without staking real money, you can become better risk-free.

Useful Tips for Poker Beginners

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. As you keep playing the game, you’ll become better as you’ll be able to follow advanced strategies. Opt for mastering one of these variations before you continue to play another. Each of them has a different poker hand probability, so if you get used to one variant, the chances of winning are not the same as with another.

  • Learn the Basics by Heart – The first step is to learn all the combinations and the most dominant ones.
  • Play Low Stake Games and Tournaments – Don’t play hands that will quickly chip away your bankroll. Start small, as you learn more about the game with every hand.
  • Only Play at One Table – Some online platforms allow you to play on multiple tables at once. Don’t do this as it requires an immense level of experience. Focus on one table and learn more about your opponents there.
  • Mind Your Position – Your position in regards to the dealer matters. The further away you are, the better. You can make better-informed decisions when you play last in turn.
  • Get Help from Software Tools – If you play online, you can use software tools to help you make better decisions. It’s a great way to advance more quickly and become better at playing.
  • Follow surrounding players – Monitor your opponent’s actions. You’ll be able to notice more aggressive players and passive ones. If you see a passive one raise their bets, it’s a good idea to fold.


Poker is a skill-based game in which you become better with every hand. Therefore, the best tip is to start playing to learn. Keep in mind that players behave differently when you play without using real money. However, consider playing for free to prepare for games with real money. Start playing for real money only after you grasp all the basics. That way, you’ll be able to make decisions that will shift the odds in your favor. Take your time and be strategic. You’ll be able to become significantly better over time.

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