Top Tips For Playing Blackjack Online

Top Tips For Playing Blackjack Online

One of the oldest, most appreciated games in gambling is of course blackjack. It can be a fast paced, simple, fun game to play where you can make some big wins in a matter of minutes, as long as you play your cards right!

Despite its popularity, many players play blackjack without a game plan. Simply putting whatever happens down to luck, sticking to a standard rule of sticking over a certain number, etc. In actual fact, despite not being able to control what cards are given to you, the decisions you make are crucial and there’s more to it than you might think.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the top tips for playing online blackjack so you can increase your chances of success next time you play. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect place to start your journey.

Top Tips For Online Blackjack

Don’t Take Insurance

Players can get an insurance bet if the dealer has an ace. Insurance bets are handy if the dealer ends up with blackjack. Your losses will not be counted if this is the case. At first, this may seem like a convenient, safe thing to do. However, if you plan on playing for long periods of time, it probably isn’t worth taking the insurance bet.

The reason being is over the longevity of you playing blackjack, the chances of the dealer getting blackjack with just one ace to begin with is highly unlikely. Sometimes it may happen, others not, so realistically you have more chance of losing money taking the insurance bet than not. Unless of course you just get extremely unlucky.

Stick To A Staking Plan

It may seem obvious and most people probably do stick to a staking plan, however it seems some people can get carried away when playing blackjack and become frustrated at moments when you might lose a few hands, leading to rational decision making and further losses. 

No matter what streak you are on, whether you’ve won the last 5 hands or lost them, never step away from the staking plan. You’ve chosen that staking plan for a reason, so stick with it. By chasing loses, you will likely make further mistakes and end up gambling away too much than planned, ruining your whole experience. Always gamble responsibly.

Card Count If You Can

Card counting is one of the most prolific tricks in blackjack. Many land casinos will ban players who they suspect are card counting, as it heavily increases your chances of winning. Card counting is about knowing which cards have come out and how many big cards are left in the deck. If you can worth that out, you have better odds to know when to bet big in the hope that a big card is presented to you. For many card counters it’s the case of sticking to one figure per bet and then randomly increasing it a lot for maybe a couple of hands before lowering their stakes again.

Sometimes this trick doesn’t always work online and many casinos try to reshuffle as much as possible. It also isn’t an easy technique to learn. But give it a try yourself and see how you get on. You can read guides online that can help you.

Don’t Split Tens

A final tip we want to go over is the not splitting tens rule. In a lot of circumstances, splitting pairs is a good idea, it gives you a better chance of beating the dealer and should always be used if you suspect the dealer is weak. 

What we don’t recommend is splitting tens. The reason for this is because you have a great chance of getting blackjack. With Ace being 1 or 11, if you have a ten, then you can’t go bust. Then if your next card is extremely low, you can always twist again and hope you get closer to blackjack without going bust. Especially if the dealer has a very weak card, you have the upper hand.

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