How Video Games Can Enhance Learning

How Video Games Can Enhance Learning

Playing games is one of the most typical ways for children to spend their free time. And actually, not only for children. Many adults play video games and consider it totally ok. But when it comes to their children, they become a bit hypocritical, saying that video games don’t have any positive effect; they can only steal your time and ruin your posture together with your eyesight. But according to the results of some research presented recently, video games can enhance learning. The only important thing you have to consider is that you should set some limits. If your child opened  and decided to try the video games, it’s ok, but if the child is not paying enough attention to the studies, ignoring house duties, and is not interested in anything else, it’s time to control the time they spend playing video games. Anyway, in this article, we will try to prove that video games can positively influence the studying process.

Games that have an educational aim

This is a separate type of game, and of course, not all students will play or download them following their own will. But this kind of educational game can be very helpful for small kids. They are very helpful when you are studying when a child needs to understand the basic rules of math. For example, they help to develop the skill of solving simple problems and move on in the game. And the good thing is that you don’t have to play for a long time; fifteen or twenty minutes a day will be enough for your child to make noticeable progress in their studies.  

Organization skills 

From the point of view of the time, video games are very similar to studies. In both cases, you have a certain task and a limited time to fulfill the time. The only thing is that when playing video games, it’s easier and more pleasant to train your organizational skills. Children learn that in case you lack time, you can use a booster that will give you additional time or more power. When studying, you can also use such a booster; for example, use the writing service when you don’t have enough time or inspiration to write an essay. But it is always important to explain to a child that it’s necessary to be careful when choosing and placing the order only with reliable companies. And the best way to check the service is to read the reviews. Because after reading what they wrote in their bestessay reviews we are sure that you will not deal with the company. You should be careful and not let yourself be tricked by bestessays discount code or any other feature that might look attractive. 

Competitive spirit

You will not be able to survive and achieve a high position at work without having one of the most important skills nowadays, competitive spirit. Being ambitious might seem bad for someone, but you can’t do without this trait of character. And playing video games is one of the greatest ways to develop this competitive spirit. If your child wants to win in a simple game, we will be persistent when trying to become the best student in class or receive a straight A.


Considering the number of people with confirmed ADHD, it is very important to fulfill some tasks that will help you to improve your concentration skills. Video games are one of the best ways to do it because almost in any game, the task will be to pass the level, and in order t do it, you have to be very attentive and forget about external distractions.  

Indirect experience 

When playing some of the games, in accordance with the plot, your character can get into different dangerous situations. And it will be necessary to analyze the situation and find the best way out. And of course, it’s always better to get such experience not in real life. And thanks to such technology as virtual reality, people are able to experience different emotions and, for example, understand whether they want to practice something like paragliding in real life or not. 

The way to relax

Studying is a rather exhausting process, which is why our brain needs a way to relax. And what can be better than changing the activity? Playing video games after a tiring day at school or college can help you to get rid of stress and relax and regain strength. Plus, if you experience communication difficulties with your child, playing video games together can be a perfect way of “team building .”Many psychologists recommend spending more time with children and doing something they are fond of. It will help you, as a parent, understand your child’s preferences and improve your relationship. For sure, kids will appreciate your efforts and will enjoy the time spent together.

In conclusion, the perception of video games as mere distractions should be reconsidered. Research reveals their potential to bolster learning through educational games, foster organizational skills akin to academic tasks, nurture competitive spirit, enhance concentration, offer indirect experiences, and provide a means of relaxation and bonding. While setting limits is essential, harnessing the positive attributes of video games can contribute to a more holistic and effective approach to education and personal growth.

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