What is the largest ever game of bingo?

Top Bingo Records

For men and women of all ages and profiles, bingo is a game that holds a pretty special place in the hearts of many. A fun and satisfying game for so many reasons, bingo is a highly competitive, easily enjoyable, but simple to play game that so many have taken to their hearts over the years, with more doing so through sites such as Trustedbingo.co.uk. And it’s easy to see why; bingo is easily one of the most satisfying games that you can play if you are willing to make time for it. Bingo even has some impressive records of its own which have been set over the years – like what, though?

What’s the fastest game of bingo?

The most obvious record is one that many people will likely be aware of if they are bingo fans. In January 2010, Darryl Howe managed to win online at William Hill in the fastest time ever recorded. Picking up a whopping £18,000 for just 23 calls, he managed to pull off a freak occurrence. Indeed, some people believe that this is over 90 billion to one to make this happen.

15 right numbers from just 23 calls – have you ever seen anything like that?

What is the largest ever offline game of bingo?

The largest ever recorded game of bingo was previously recorded offline, but today it’s happening online all the time. The fact that you can play bingo with people from all over the world is a big reason why so many people tune in and take part with this awesome game. Organized by Coca-Cola in Tokyo Japan in 2010, the largest online game of bingo saw 493,824 players in the game

And the biggest ever record for offline bingo (everyone in one venue) was recorded to have seen a whopping 70,080 people. That’s a huge amount of people taking part in one single game of bingo. This was a massive crowd, and it’s definitely the largest offline game of bingo ever held.

What’s the largest sum of money seen won?

While the game above managed to pick up a whopping £250,000 in prizes across the entire 70k people taking part, the largest sum of money ever won beats even that. The largest single jackpot that has ever been seen by someone playing bingo was a whopping £1.167m ($1,508,575 usd), won as part of the National Bingo Game Platinum jackpot.

That was a major win and it’s no wonder that Soraya Lowell was put into the bingo Hall of Fame.

What’s the highest height to have seen bingo played

This record is a really impressive one – in 2009, Gala Coral employees took to the top of Mount Everest to take part in a wild game of bingo above the rest of the world. Having raised a whopping £100,000 for Sue Ryder Care, they managed to ensure that their record was one worth fighting for and persevering with.

However, while most of our bingo halls are going to stand out among the rest of the buildings around them, we imagine it will be a while until a bingo hall is built at a height higher than 17.5k ft above sea level!

Even Stranger

Largest Bingo Marker Tower – Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada / February 18, 2013. Doug McManaman stacked 82 bingo markers in a tower. Doug McManaman also balanced a basket of bingo balls on a pole on his chin to honor the game of bingo for one minute, 19.4 seconds – which is also a record..

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