So What’s the AI-Powered Board Game St. Noire All About?

So What’s the AI-Powered Board Game St. Noire All About?

Board games that have been slightly enhanced with the help of technology are always exciting and, board games that are played with the help of accompanying apps are becoming increasingly popular. We were pretty stoked when we heard about a new Alexa-enhanced murder mystery game called St. Noire and had to check it out.

First seen at Comic-Con and still in the pre-ordering phase until August 19 with a price-tag of $39, 99, St. Noire is already making headlines.

The game makes use of Amazon Alexa to aid gameplay: If you’ve ever wanted to scream at a chess board and give it the ability to insult you back, maybe this is the technology that can finally allow us to do it. Here’s a YouTube video of the game in action from X2 Games ahead of its official release date.

Here’s what’s out there about St. Noire so far, and why it could be one of the coolest tech-blended board games of the year.

More About St. Noire

There’s been a murder in the small town of St. Noire – and the killer has promised to strike again! Can you solve the mystery before time runs out and the killer gets away? Find the clues, question suspects and trust absolutely no-one. Someone is lying, and if you’re going to crack the case, you’ll need to figure out who…your move, Detective. ~ St. Noire

St. Noire is a murder mystery game set in the town of St. Noire, where players are asked to solve a murder before the end of the game’s time-limit.

So far we know that:

  • it’s turn-based,
  • players have the option to search locations, question others or accuse someone of the murder,
  • it’s possible to lose: either two wrongful accusations, or one on the final night and you’re out of the game and,
  • according to the website, it’s “AI Hosted”.

The game comes with a game board, manual, 12 suspect cards, 12 weapon tokens and 1 pencil. (Okay, we’re a little confused about the pencil.)

“To win the game, identify and accuse the correct suspect before the end of night seven.”

At this point, it appears like the game might emerge as a classic Cluedo clone – but with a twist.

Visit their official website to watch the trailer or pre-order yours.

More options?!

This isn’t the only Alexa-powered board game out there.

If you want to see more of what Alexa can do, you can also give the When in Rome Travel Trivia Game a shot, developed by Sensible Objects in 2018.

Are we going to see more AI-enabled traditional tabletop games in the future? Are you for it or not?

By Alex J. Coyne

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