Stuck in the house? Here’s The Big List Of Online Card, Board & Tabletop Games

The Big List Of Online Card, Board & Tabletop Games

By Alex J. Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

Card, board, and other tabletop games are a proven boost for your brain’s overall health. Playing just one game per day can improve mental functioning, boost memory retention, and reduce the risk of degenerative neurological conditions. And now you can invite your friends and family to join in!

Here’s a list of online tabletop games to keep you entertained for the entire month or more.

Traditional Card Games

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is also known as 21, and stays exciting even when you aren’t playing it for real stakes. (And of course, good luck!)

2. Free Cell Solitaire

Free Cell is one of the many, many versions of Solitaire. An online free version is available online – and yes, it can be addictive.

3. Hearts

Hearts is another trick-taking card game worth your time. Enjoyed everywhere, experience it for yourself.

4. Just Declare Bridge

Just Declare is a version of bridge that omits the bidding. For focusing on better plays, it’s great. (If you’d like to focus on Declarer play instead, try Bridge Master, also available at BBO.). If you want to play bridge online, live, or against robots, visit our Play Bridge Online site here ->

5. Poker

Governor of Poker allows the player to make it through a fictional town, playing various bot characters for higher stakes. It has a nice story to it, which adds to the fun.

6. Rummy

Rummy is the default drunken family gathering game, where the rules change into the evening. (An official version with set rules can be found above.)

7. Solitaire

There’s a lot more to Solitaire than just the version that came with Microsoft Windows. There are many varieties, and several of them (including Spider Solitaire) are to be found at the above link.

8. Spades

Spades is another trick-taker that many people out there have forgotten how to play. MSN hosts an online version that puts players against bots. You’ll also find other games (like Just Declare Bridge) at the link.

9. Uno

Uno is usually the first game with a non-traditional card deck that most people get to know. An official browser version can be found online.

10. Whist

Whist is the younger cousin of bridge. Familiar, but a game on its own. An online version to enjoy is available at the link above.

Trading Card Games

11. Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a free-to-play TCG you can access through your browser. It’s like a weird blend of games that feel familiar, but Card Hunter is entirely original.

12. Dueling Nexus

Remember the glory days of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Duel Monsters? Dueling Nexus is an online version that offers both live players and bot play. Decks can be created, shared, and uploaded.

13. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is legendary – and now available to play online or via their app. If you love kittens, you’ll love this, and who doesn’t love kittens.

14. Hearthstone

Hearthstone might be one of the best online TCG games that you’ve never heard of. Trade cards, upgrade characters, win (or lose) battles.

15. Necronomicon

Necronomicon is a free online TCG that’s more elaborate than you could imagine, and based around the vast Lovecraft universe. If you’re looking for an eerie TCG that’ll keep you busy for hours, this is it.

16. Newgrounds: The Trading Card Game

Newgrounds: The TCG makes more sense if you know the characters from the Newgrounds games website. It’s still fun to play even if you don’t.

17. Pokemon Online

Get into the original Pokemon universe at their official website. The game can be played online, with friends – and they even have larger tournaments.

18. Tarot

Tarot isn’t just for seeing into the future. Play a version of the traditional French tarot game online. Fun fact: Tarot is another trick-taking game, just like bridge, spades, whist, and hearts.

19. Zener Cards

Zener cards were designed as a way to gauge psychic ability. At its core, you’re looking at a basic card guessing game (with added funny shapes). Some would argue that it’s not a TCG, but I would say that they’re very wrong.

Tabletop & Board Games

20. Backgammon

Everyone should know how to play backgammon. Get to know the game online at 247backgammon, or try an alternate version at PlayOK.

21. Battle For Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is turn-based, top-viewed, and extremely addictive. The game is also free and open source. Additional campaign maps can be user-created and shared with others.

Roll the dice (fine, die), and move your forces ahead.

22. Checkers

Checkers is known all over the world. Simple, but not. PlayOK hosts free live checkers games – and you’ll find others (including chess, bridge, and reversi) at the same place.

23. Chess

Been binge-watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and feel like some chess? hosts one online variety that allows for human or bot play.

24. Ludo

Ludo is popular almost everywhere. Connect with other players at the VIP Games version using your browser and just a little bit of luck.

25. Mancala

Mancala is one of the world’s oldest board games. A live, online version with bot play is available at Playdrift.

26. Monopoly

Monopoly has many online varieties, but the original (hosted at Hasbro) is one of the best.

27. Reversi

Reversi is a board game also known as Othello. Simply, dominating the board with your own pieces is the goal. Easy to learn, but it can be played forever. Tip: Own the corners.

28. Risk

Risk is an eternal board game classic. There are still many people who have never played it. Think of Monopoly during wartime, battling for different world territories. Enjoy!

29. Swords & Sandals

Swords & Sandals is a unique turn-based RPG that allows purchases, battles, and gladiator upgrades. Sequels exist, and number 3 in the series brings the board game feel full circle.

30. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is Zynga’s version of what everyone knows as Scrabble.  Compete with an online network of players, or with friends.

31. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is a popular dice (okay, die) game that’s played by thousands of people all over the world. Virtual versions are available everywhere. Are you feeling lucky?

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