Old school goes new school: the digital transformation of board games

Old school goes new school: the digital transformation of board games

Do you remember those times when a game night with your fellow Monopoly lovers was an actual thing? Gathering all together, sipping soda, chatting, perhaps insulting each other over that extra six cards in Uno. But those were the times.

And of course, many are still keeping up these traditions. Well, we are. And we love it.

For digital pros hearing this information might sound somewhat interesting or, perhaps, even weird. All of those games are now available online. Physical board games and online ones games both play the same in terms of rules. Online ones even have an extra kick on the graphic side. However, each has its own pros and cons when it comes to convenience or value.

For the most part, people long for familiarity. And that’s the main reason why some do not wish to move to digital board games. So, we will take a look at our beloved board games in a digital version to see how well they adapted the space and kept the authentics of a physical board game.

Digital vs physical

In the world of physical board games, there are certain leaders you cannot forget. There might not be a person on this earth who hasn’t heard of The Monopoly. It’s the classics. It’s been there since the end of time. Should I continue?

The Monopoly is a typical family game you could enjoy for hours. It includes strategic planning, action, drill, checks every point basically. Another example could be UNO, Yahtzee, or the most famous of them all – Jenga. However, imagine if you want to play all these games in one evening (and that’s actually how it is, most of the time). And now, just take them across the block. You have two hands, huh?

That’s why digital games are becoming much and much popular nowadays. You can play it on your mobile phone, tablet, computer. And it definitely takes much less energy.

Digital games are incredibly convenient. Thus, many of them can be “pre-loaded” once you’ve pre-ordered them—no need to depend on the mailman, or go to the store to get one.

There is also a tendency to play pokies and so-called slots online. These are usually played with money, however, in some sites, you can enjoy a demo version and still experience the full deal. One of such is pokies.bet, where you can play many different pokies for free.

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