What are the odds of winning on a video poker machine?

What are the odds of winning on a video poker machine?

Various casino games have been revolutionized by the advances in computer technology and the rise of the internet. You could make a seriously good argument for poker being the one that has had to adapt the most to these changes.

Slot machines have enjoyed a boost in popularity following the emergence of high-quality graphics. They have allowed developers to install the most colorful graphics and music. This has resulted in slot machines becoming even more engaging and popular than in the past. 

Roulette is another game that has benefitted from the emergence of this online technology. It has reduced the waiting times between spins to a fraction of a second. This is because the croupier doesn’t need to count chips or calculate the payout. It is done in an instant using sophisticated technology. The more spins the house can perform throughout a night will undoubtedly mean higher revenue over weeks, months, and years. 

So why has video poker had to adapt the most?

Traditionally, poker has always relied on strategy, body language, and a little bit of luck. The top poker players can psych out their opponents and read them throughout a few sessions to see if they give away the quality of their hands. Of course, playing video poker removes this element of the game. For many players, this is the most crucial element and can be the main tool they use to gain the upper hand during a poker game.

According to mbitcasino.io, adapting to these changes has meant that video poker players must focus solely on the quality of their cards and the probability that it is a winning hand. 

What hands give me the best chance of winning?

Based on the probability of computer-generated poker, you can see the table below, which shows you the likelihood of each hand and the possibility of it paying out.


Type of Hand Probability Rate of return
Royal Flush 0.002% 0.619%
Straight Flush 0.011% 0.547%
Four of a Kind 0.236% 5.906%
Full House 1.151% 10.361%
Flush 1.101% 6.609%
Straight 1.123% 4.492%
Three of a Kind 7.445% 22.334%
Two Pair 12.928% 25.856%
Jacks or Better 21.459% 21.459%

As you can see above, a Royal flush, a straight flush, four a kind, or a full house are so unlikely to come out that you can set your sights on the more likely combinations further down the chart. 

That being said, if you find yourself with any of the top four hands, the chances of you winning that hand are extremely high. It is very unlikely you will lose if you find yourself in a position where you have any of the hands on these four rows of the above table.


In theory, the odds of you winning on a video poker machine are the same as in a standard game of poker. However, if you aren’t very good at bluffing or are susceptible to making it clear you have been dealt a good hand, you could be at a disadvantage. Potentially, you may stand better odds of winning if you stick to playing video poker. Mathematically, of course, it is the same. 

However, when surrounded by other players and trying not to give the game away with body language, you might give the game away. 

If you get more nervous in these environments, playing on a video poker machine might be wiser than playing a game against real players in a land-based casino. 

Be aware to not spend more money that you can’t afford to lose, therefore you will be able to play for fun without overthinking on winnings. Enjoy the thrill of gaming!

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