The gambling popularity in Australia

The gambling popularity in Australia

Country-continent Australia is very contrasting and surprising. Almost primitive nature and ultra-modern urban environment are in perfect harmony with each other. Besides, Australia is one of the regions where the gambling industry is very developed. Many tourists are attracted by the opportunity to catch the winds of luck, having received from slots unforgettable memories and to charge a positive attitude. It can bankrupt or make a rich man.

By the way, buying slot machines in this country is worth it if you plan to open a casino, as many tourists prefer this kind of gambling.

Is online gambling legal?

Yes, online gambling is legal in Australia. Gambling has been an Australian tradition since the continent was settled. The gambling industry didn’t have much of a problem until the late 1990s. In the 2000s, the first protests against gambling began to be heard in the capital. It was clear to the Australian government that it was time to address the issue.

Within a year the federal government held hearings on Internet gambling in response to public concern about how the industry was affecting citizens. The movement against online gambling in Australia was short-lived.

The only legislation passed during this short period was the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, known as the IGA. A regulation under the new law was similar to what the U.S. government did when it passed the UIGEA. This law does not make online gambling illegal for customers; it targets gambling providers.

Australian enthusiasts were able to bypass the IGA, just as U.S.-oriented operators found ways around UIGEA bans on payment processing.

The main gambling establishments in Australia

The gambling business in Australia and neighboring island nations is very developed and consists of a network of entertainment institutions. The gambling industry is diverse – it’s poker, roulette, and baccarat. There are about 30,000 slots and 18 large casinos.

Crown Entertainment Complex, located in Melbourne, has about 350 gambling tables and occupies first place in the country among similar institutions. The rival is Star City, located in the central area of Sydney. It also has a large number of gaming halls, where visitors can play any game in the world.

The Jupiter Casino, located on scenic BroadBeach Island in a luxury hotel, is hugely popular. Its guests can pass the time in the modern gaming rooms.

Features of the gambling industry

Australia is a country surrounded by an ocean with a comfortable climate, so gambling is widespread. Most gambling establishments are located on comfortable motor ships, where visitors not only play roulette, card games, slot machines but also have the opportunity to get a nice tan and enjoy the fresh air.

The most beloved game of chance in Australia and Oceania is commonplace poker. It’s played in all the casinos, and all forms exist in the world. Poker competitions are held at the level of international tournaments with the participation of a huge number of amateurs and professionals. In recent years there is a tendency of opening many organizations, connected with poker in one way or another. For example, an organization of people with disabilities who adore this game has no analogs in the world.

A very large segment of the gambling business belongs to the sweepstakes game. There is one hippodrome in Canberra. The object of betting is not only horses but also other animals, as well as various kinds of sports competitions.

An interesting fact is that casinos in Australia compensate part of the losses to the loser. Consolation in cash allows the loser to buy a small souvenir or a bottle of champagne.

Casinos and the state

The state receives a huge profit from gambling establishments. And very often the received tax from gambling houses exceeds the estimated budget. Such popularity of gambling allows the Australian government to direct the surplus to the treatment of people addicted to gambling.

The government is trying to make the gambling business as perfect as possible and at the same time to regulate some points. For example, ATMs in casinos and the use of headphones in the game are prohibited by law, so that people don’t get too carried away and lose all their money.

Online gambling

Australian gamers can try their hand not only in standard casinos but also in its virtual version. A lot of people play online pokies australia. There is a huge amount of money circulating in the various online casinos. Many people spend practically all their free time there. This can probably be explained by the fact that the gaming business is completely legal and all online casinos offer great bonus packs to new visitors and regular players.

In Australia, online gambling has developed quite suddenly, because the interest of Australians in online casinos appeared relatively recently. It must be said that the complete legalization of all casinos in Australia created the high popularity of online casinos. The virtual versions of gambling are undoubtedly dominant. According to a study in Australia, about 80% of the adult population plays online casinos! It turns out that Australians spend on gambling about 3% of their total annual income. The most common games at online casinos are blackjack and roulette.

Virtual casinos give gamers an amazing opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of games in the most convenient places for them, as well as at any time of the day. The risk of losing the money earned at online casinos is minimal – the money is transferred to the bank account. But the risk of losing is also great. You can play on virtual sites around the world, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

You can play poker, roulette, or pokie machines on the virtual network. Everyone can buy a plane ticket to Australia and enjoy the atmosphere of the wonderful country. In what casino to play, everyone chooses according to their abilities.


Online versions of games have become popular mainly because of their accessibility, computerization, and simple interfaces. It is impossible not to mention the fact that various kinds of casino bonuses and other free deposits entice players, assuring them of the huge winnings that will be in the future. Today, to take part in online casino games, you only need access to the Internet, and your location in one place or another is completely irrelevant.

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