Casino Careers: Where to Learn & Apply

Casino Careers: Where to Learn & Apply

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How would you like to work in the casino industry? There are plenty of exciting, high-energy careers available, from a croupier to a chef. We’ve collected some more information about the industry careers, where you can learn more about them and where you can go to apply. Good luck!

Industry Careers

Professional Gambler: Professional gambler is the big one. A lot of people would like to follow players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, Scott Nguyen (Poker), John Kranyak (Bridge) or Christian Kaisan (Roulette) and gamble for a living. Yes, it’s certainly possible, but it’s a cuttroat and high-risk industry with a few big players. Turning gambling into a career requires more than just being lucky: It requires a fine understanding of statistics, a lot of personal responsibility – and often corporate sponsorships.

Dealer or Croupier: Dealers are the people behind the gambling tables. They collect the bets, deal the cards and ensure players stick to the rules of the game. It requires some professional training, usually a certified course, and a very keen eye. Ensure that the dealer school you choose is accredited by your national gambling board – which we’ve collected in this article for you below. Many training options are available. Some suggestions for studying how to become a professional dealer or croupier include…

  • Casino Dealer Skills Program (South Africa)
  • Casino Training Australia (Australia)
  • Manchester Casino Academy (UK)
  • Bucks Casino School (USA)

Casino Slot Technician: Casino slot technicians work with the bells and whistles of slot machines. This will include the regular maintenance and calibration of the machines. Check with casinos in your area about training opportunities and certificate courses. Here are some suggested resources:

  • IGT Slot Technical Training
  • Slot Tech Magazine (Training Resources)
  • Slot Machine Technician Schools (USA)

Bartender: Never underestimate the value of the person behind the bar counter. They can be the difference between a great and terrible gambling experience to the casino patrons – and it takes some training to know what goes into a proper Martini! Yes, there’s a lot more to being a professional bartender than people realize, and casinos are often looking for fresh staff. Some suggested study resources include:

  • The European Bartending School (UK)
  • Thirst Bar Academy (South Africa)
  • USA Bartending School (USA)
  • The Indian Institute of Bartending (India)

Chef: Casinos always have restaurants. And restaurants are many times in need of proper, experienced chefs to lead their kitchens. This requires attention to detail – and the ability to keep long hours on your feet in a pretty hot environment. Can you stand the heat? Then it might be the career for you. Here are some suggestions for culinary schools and courses…

  • Culinary (UK)
  • 30 Best Culinary Schools – The Best (USA)
  • The International Institute of Culinary Arts (India)
  • The Institute of Culinary Arts (South Africa)

Regulatory Bodies (Worldwide)

Know the regulatory body of casinos, gambling and gaming where you reside: Many also post job applications on their websites, and they’re a wonderful source of industry news.

The International Association of Gaming Regulators
The National Indian Gaming Commission
The American Gaming Association
The Canadian Gaming Association
The Casino Association of South Africa
The European Casino Association

Where to Apply

Casino Careers

World Casino Jobs


Cruise Job Finder

Many casinos and resorts also have pages for job applications on their websites: Great Canadian Casino (Hard Rock Casino) Vancouver, Palms Casino Resort, Sun International, Rivers Casino & Resort. There are thousands more, you just have to check out the website of a casino near you. And let’s not forget the casinos that operate on cruise ships!

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