Can You Kill Someone With a Playing Card?

All about card throwing - gifts for card players
Card throwing just looks awesome. And, since most of us have a deck of cards handy, we had a look at the art of card throwing, the world records, how you can learn to hurl playing cards yourself and just how much damage you can do with a single thrown playing card.

Casino in a taxi (and other strange casino facts)

World's smallest casino
Did you know that the world’s largest slot machine tournament ever took place at Muckleshoot Casino in Washington, USA - with 3, 173 players hitting the machines simultaneously? Keep reading for more interesting, historical and just plain weird facts about casinos.

The Wise and Entertaining Gypsy Witch

Gypsy Witch
When I was in high school, my mother had no clue what to get me for Christmas. I wasn’t a difficult teenager, but I was particular, snobby, and preferred high culture above all else. I had severely intense reading habits and watched almost nothing except British dramas and comedies with my father.