Ghost of a Chance: Exploring Haunted Casinos

haunted casinos skeleton poker - Gifts for Card Players
As a horror author I’ve always loved a good, bone-chilling ghost story; that got me to thinking about the world’s haunted casinos where there might be poltergeists at the poker table, kelpies playing Keno and spirits playing slots. Here’s what we could find about the haunted casinos of the world –

Can You Kill Someone With a Playing Card?

All about card throwing - gifts for card players
Card throwing just looks awesome. And, since most of us have a deck of cards handy, we had a look at the art of card throwing, the world records, how you can learn to hurl playing cards yourself and just how much damage you can do with a single thrown playing card.

Trick Card Decks & Where to Find Them

Over the years, I’ve developed a deep-rooted fine love for card and coin tricks; those are two things I’m almost never without – when killing time waiting for a taxi to pass, while waiting for an important e-mail to come in or while in conversation on the phone for a radio interview, my hands are usually busy with a coin palm or a card flip. Here are some of the most popular trick decks and where you can find them; of course, please use them only for card tricks and not for rigging a card game…

Casino in a taxi (and other strange casino facts)

World's smallest casino
Did you know that the world’s largest slot machine tournament ever took place at Muckleshoot Casino in Washington, USA - with 3, 173 players hitting the machines simultaneously? Keep reading for more interesting, historical and just plain weird facts about casinos.