Gambling in Asia

Gambling in Asia

The Asian continent has almost 60% of the world’s population and one of the biggest markets on Earth. The last decade has been revolutionary for access to an use of the internet. The rise of smartphones and tablets has allowed it to reach even remote villages. This is responsible for a huge growth in the gambling industry. In the article below we discuss some of the gaming-friendly countries from Asia.


China has evolved a lot in recent decades in every sphere possible. There are so many forms in which betting is popular in china. It has betting in sports, lottery and even slot machines. It has a huge poker and casino market. Though it is very popular in China, online gaming is illegal. People mostly prefer big international licensed houses.


The Japan is very much centralised when it comes to gaming. The country has a strong restricted and controlled network for gaming. Most of the gambling is illegal however some activities are legally permitted such as lottery, horse racing and even scratch cards. In more complex betting options casino, poker and even live sports, etc, internationally licensed gambling sites are preferred. If you would like to play such games online in Japan go get a William Hill コード and enjoy.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has refined gambling rules in the region as they are mostly managed by a government-sponsored club named “Hong Kong Jockey Club.” However not all forms of gambling are legal there. Hong Kong permits certain types of gambling such as Horse races, football matches, and lottery. Poker still seems to be in a grey area but is well run in an underground manner. One thing that should be noted is that the Hong Kong has very strict protocol for illegal gambling which is coupled with harsh penalties.

South Korea

South Korea is another horse which still seems to be in the stable. Gaming is mostly illegal and it’s even criminalized, the Koreans aren’t allowed to gamble outside the border. A ray of hope is that there are some state-controlled gambling activities like horse racing, lottery and even sports betting. South Korea has multiple casinos for tourists where millions of people come and place their bets. Online betting isn’t approved but it is not clearly illegal either. Koreans use local gambling sites and bet on sports, casino games, poker and roulette etc. as regional sites are flourishing. International sites aren’t that popular. For international sites even depositing money isn’t easy.

The Asian market will be interesting to watch in upcoming years. Land-based casinos are losing more and more clients to the online sphere. Although Asia is complicated there are signs of real growth for the near future. Most of the countries have followed a rather paradoxical approach to the gambling but as countries become more globalized and digital, we expect them to follow increasingly liberal approaches in the coming years.




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