Top 5 Most Popular Table Games

Top 5 Most Popular Table Games

One of the most enduring and popular aspects of the casino experience is playing table games. These include blackjack and its many variants, to poker and its strategy, roulette and craps and their level of luck, to baccarat which offers a healthy mix of both.

Each table game possesses unique characteristics that have gained them legions of loyal fans. With that in mind, here are five of the most popular table games that can be found both in physical casinos and as online variants.


Blackjack is one of the most popular table games, primarily because of how simple it is to pick up. The game revolves around competing either against other players and the dealer or just the dealer in a bid to create a score of 21 in the fewest cards possible.

Levels of difficulty for the game vary – with certain cards shown as their face value and others hidden, depending on how much skill you want to incorporate into the game. As online blackjack for real money shows, there are games that focus on the European rules and others which allow more face-up cards. The range of variants of blackjack means that players can find one that they feel they excel at particularly.


Poker is one of the most common table games but can also one of the most challenging. There are many variants of poker that are classed as table games, such as Three Card Poker and Flop Poker. The game is fueled by strategic thinking and is as much about interpersonal abilities as it is about the cards.

Professional poker players spend years working on their ability to play their own hands well, while also anticipating what their opponents might do. As the professionals, such as inspirational player Daniel Negreanu, who has won six WSOP bracelets, claim, playing professionally is accessible. While many play it for fun or with friends, others use it to help build the analytical parts of their brains.



While poker may help you with the analytical aspect of your brain, roulette helps you tap into the side that allows you to take risks without all the information in front of you. The aim of roulette is to make a guess as to where the ball will fall on the wheel. Some opt for an almost-50/50 route by choosing a color or odds and evens, while others may place money on a specific set of numbers of even just one. The strategy for roulette comes from the ability to make such decisions without having much to go on. While probability does play a part, luck is also a fundamental ingredient of spinning the roulette wheel.


One of the most popular games played using dice, craps is a favorite of those who want fast and exciting gameplay. Players make predictions on the outcome of a dice roll, a series of rolls, or a pair of dice. The game takes a lot of courage in order to wager higher amounts on what is essentially a roll of the dice.

The game can be played in informal settings or can be played against the dealer. Like with poker, there is key terminology for the outcome of certain pairs of dice from snake eyes being two ones to box cars being two sixes. The game remains popular, though it doesn’t attract as much of a new crowd as table games featuring cards do.


Baccarat – a favorite of casino aficionado James Bond – is another card table game that requires a level of strategic thinking. Baccarat involves playing against the dealer with the hope of having a better hand than they do.

There are three outcomes: the player wins, the dealer wins, or it is a tie. Some variants are more open to player choice – such as baccarat chemin de fer – while punto banco leaves the players more at the mercy of the cards they are dealt. The game hasn’t gained the popularity that some other casino games enjoy, but it does add a level of sophistication to the casino experience. The game also takes little skill to begin playing, which is a bonus.

Casino table games are some of the most popular and well-played games around the world. While slots and Texas Hold ‘Em are popular, blackjack, roulette, other forms of poker, baccarat and craps have gained their own followings in casinos and online. Most are accessible enough for anyone to get involved with, but many allow players to hone their skills and progress to become a formidable player.

Whether the games are played for fun, to build a competitive edge, improve strategic thinking, or to practice for another game, there are benefits to all of them.


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