Here to Slay – An endearing game about fluffy animals and monster hunting

Here to Slay – An endearing game about fluffy animals and monster hunting

If you are looking for a high-fantasy, beautifully-illustrated, D&D-inspired tabletop game, look no further: Here to Slay is your thing. This is a card game about slaying menacing monsters and building the best adventure party possible but with the cuteness factor of cartoony animals and funny power-ups and items. You can play in groups of two to six players (sadly, there is no single-player option) and compete against your friends to be the first to beat three different final boss-style monsters or assemble a full team of all six different hero classes (it’s tougher than it sounds). Whether you enjoy chill gameplay with your friends or a throat-cut, competitive session, Here to Slay is an enjoyable option for fantasy enthusiasts out there.

What’s all the fuzz about?

Here to Slay came out in 2020 and it belongs to Unstable Games, a game studio that develops games such as Unstable Unicorns and Happy Little Dinosaurs. Much like its siblings, Here to Slay walks the tightrope between adorable and morbid, and it offers the player plenty of replayability given the sheer amount of possible Hero-magic or Hero-item combinations. Each turn you get three action points, which can be spent summoning new heroes from your hand, battling the monsters in the middle of the playing field, using magic cards and items to your advantage, or even using those same magic and item cards to try to inconvenience your opponents.

Don’t like how an item card would give your friend an edge? Challenge them! The Challenge cards are as hilarious as they are frustrating, allowing players to block item usage and put a dent in their opponents’ strategy. Just be careful if the dice roll doesn’t favor you, as your friends might hold a grudge and try to get their revenge during your turn!

Oh, do you need a higher dice roll to slay a monster? Use a Modifier! The Modifier cards allow you to increase your dice roll to get the minimum for ability activation, monster-slaying, and more. But be careful: your opponents can take away amounts from your dice roll with their own Modifiers.

Does that seem like too much information? Don’t worry, the rules are not convoluted! Have the instructions sheet handy during the first playthrough and you’ll become an expert in no time.

So much fluff!

Not only is the game itself exciting and laugh-inducing: it’s also very cute! Each of the six available classes features original illustrations of fluffy companions: the sly cat Thief, the brave squirrel Bard, the elegant fox Ranger, the mysterious bunny Wizard, the staunch mythical horse Guardian, and the sturdy bear Fighter. Every new party member comes with a special ability, ranging from the extremely useful additional action points to the absurd “does nothing” of a certain sleepy Bard (looking at you, Napping Nibbles). The Heroes are beautiful balls of fluff, and what would be better than forming a party of miscellaneous mammals to combat the big, bad monsters?

Off with their heads!

Here to Slay wouldn’t be the same without, well, slaying monsters. It’s kind of in the name. The game comes with fifteen monster cards, each with its illustration of the bestial enemies. Each monster comes with requirements to face it, such as having a minimum number of heroes in your party or a specific class. Slaying the monster and obtaining the card (and the passive bonus that comes with it!) requires a specific amount in a dice roll, and any less than that could potentially force you to discard cards from your hand or even sacrifice one of your prized companions. Facing a monster is no joke!

The verdict

Overall, Here to Slay is a wonderful option both for those who enjoy a fun tabletop game to share with their friends and for those who like to challenge and compete against those friends. The flexibility of the gameplay comes from the fantastic artwork and the vibrant colors of the cards, both in tune with the fantasy genre of the game. Game night will be anything but boring if you bring the Here to Slay box along with you.

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Here to SLAY Card Game

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