I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee

I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee.

This quote from Clark Gable shows he enjoyed his cup of coffee as do billions of people around the world every morning.

Did you know?

Second only to the oil industry, coffee is the second largest international commodity. Because of the extraordinary demand for coffee in the West (North America, Europe, Japan), the coffee bean industry is one of the largest sites of forced labor and child slavery around the world. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 250 million child slaves working to produce many of our everyday purchases such as coffee and cocoa.    Source: The Good Trade

Fair trade coffee is coffee that is certified as having been produced to fair trade standards. When we choose to buy Fair Trade, we are casting a vote for the ethical treatments of the laborers around the world.

Fair Trade is Real

Fair trade organizations create trading partnerships that are based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. These partnerships contribute to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to coffee bean farmers. Fair trade organizations are engaged actively in supporting producers and sustainable environmental farming practices. Fair trade practices prohibit child or forced labor.

Let’s make 2017 the year we start to support Fair Trade as much as we can and what better place to start than your morning cup of coffee?

Fair Trade LogoLook for the Fair Trade Logo

To make this easy, we’ve got a list of easily found Fair Trade coffee brands. Look for these at your local coffee shop or supermarket and if you can’t find them, talk to the proprietors!

Read more about Fair Trade Coffee here
Shop Fair Trade Coffee on Amazon Here

Fair Trade Coffee Brands


Fair Trade Coffees.

Kicking Horse Coffee Fair Trade


Fair Trade Coffee Brands can be found at most Bean Around The World coffee shops. Ask at the counter.

Rainforest Organic Certified Fair Trade Coffee at Bean


Some fair trade brands, including Starbucks Fair Trade Certified Café Estima Blend®. Ask at the counter.

Café Estima Blend®

Cafe Direct

London UK – Explore flavours from around the world with our delicious coffees, beautifully blended teas and rich hot chocolate. All ethically sourced directly from expert smallholder farmers. Because we believe things that are made better, taste better.  Website here

Cafe Direct Fair Trade Coffee

Amazon’s Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee, The World's Strongest Whole Bean Coffee, Fair Trade and Organically Grown, 16 Ounce Bag

Look Further

14 more Fair Trade Coffee Brands can be found on this website.

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