Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won’t Have Seen Elsewhere

Rare, Beautiful Playing Cards You Won’t Have Seen Elsewhere

In addition to the standard “bicycle” deck of playing cards, many contemporary and historical artists have designed incredible decks with amazing visuals – here’s just a few of them.

Playing Card History

The 52-card deck is one of the most iconic and well-known gaming accessory in the world. Hundreds of games have been invented which use playing cards, as well as thousands of magic tricks.

Most of us are familiar with the contemporary deck format, i.e. four suits, two colours, numbers 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. However, the original deck format which was first developed in 9th Century China was quite different and there have been many different variations over time.

Many different decks are available, and artists have created playing cards with incredible imagery, stunning illusions, and beautiful faces. Some of these are extremely valuable, while others are relatively more affordable. Unusual playing cards are a collectors item, and some are so beautiful you may never want to use them, however, they can make poker games more interesting should you choose to do so. If you want to try out playing different poker games online, or enjoy playing poker tournaments then there are plenty of popular card games like blackjack which offer a huge array of different poker game variations.

Rare and unique decks are the perfect gift for an avid poker player, and here are a few of our favourites:

The Oracle Shadow Edition – RRP $145

The Oracle Shadow Edition uses a remarkable black on black design with gold writing embossed on the back of each card. The masterful artwork was inspired by the Spiritualist movement and it features drawing of Ouija boards, seances, and levitation. The deck was designed by Chris Ovdiyenko, an Ohio-based contemporary illustrator, and only 666 decks were ever produced. Each deck has a number, hand-marked by the artist himself.

Legal Tender – RRP $25

The Legal Tender card deck was designed by Jackson Robinson, an artist who’s practically a household name among playing card collectors. These playing cards were designed to look like actual legal tender from around the world. Each currency is beautifully depicted with Jack Robinson’s incredible artwork, but as well as their aesthetic value, the design may remind you that you’re playing for real money as well. The two Joker cards display the Mount Rushmore Presidents, and a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 is inscribed on the inside of the tuck case.

Red Fontaine – RRP $200

The Fontaine Card deck was designed by a young card magician and illusionist – Zach Mueller. The cards gained popularity after fans noticed the magician using them on his YouTube Channel. Once he realised how high the demand was, Zach developed the prototype he had designed and they quickly became one of the most popular decks in production. There are a few variations of Fontaine Cards which all have a signature minimalist design. The Red Fontaine collection is the rarest of the bunch, and it features a deep red background with a striking white emblem.



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