Strategy Board Games Your Tweens Will Love

Strategy Board Games Your Tweens Would Love to Find Under The Tree

by Shari Talbot © Gifts for Card Players

We all know that it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for tweens. Kids between the ages of 10-13 may a little too old for some of the typical Christmas toys. On the other hand, they might not be ready for gifts meant for teens. Look no further. Board games captivate the interest of many children in this age range, and strategy board games, in particular, can be great gift ideas.

They are perfect for playing with siblings, friends or on family game night. As a bonus, this type of game can help strengthen brain-based skills like critical and logical thinking, problem-solving, and planning ahead. Depending on the game, you’ll also notice either a sense of collaboration or friendly competition between children.

Here are a few of the most popular games right now.


In this cooperative board game, players work together as they travel around the world treating, curing and eradicating diseases. The object of the game is to eliminate diseases that are spreading across the world before the infections wipe out mankind.


Participants place tiles on the game board. Each person receives points as they build towns, roads and monasteries. The winner is the player with the most points when the tiles run out.

Ticket to Ride

In the original game, players try to collect matching sets of train cards to claim the most and longest train routes across North America. Expansion packs, including other countries and continents, and a junior version are also available. Bonus points go to the publisher, Days of Wonder, for increasing kids’ interest in geography.

Settlers of Catan

Players act as settlers on the island of Catan, acquiring and trading resources like grain, wool, lumber, ore and brick to build roads, towns and cities. A simplified family version, a junior edition, and a variety of extensions and expansion packs are also available for purchase.

Of course, we don’t want to rule out the games that have been around forever.


One of the original strategy games, Risk has earned its popularity through the generations. Players form armies, make alliances and engage in battles with a goal of conquering their enemies and taking over the world.

Scotland Yard

In this cooperative board game, players team up as British police detectives, to track a criminal through the city of London. Together, they must capture Mr. X before their transportation tickets run out.

Strategy games might not be for everyone. They tend to take longer to play, and the instructions can be somewhat complicated. If a game seems too difficult at first, allowing a child to team up with a more experienced player can help them get the hang of the rules. When children are ready, these board games can be a great way to reduce stress, combat holiday boredom, reduce time on computers and devices, and engage the entire family. Put one under the tree for your tween this year.

Photo by Jaciel Melnik on Unsplash
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