Studying Cards: Where To Find Courses & Tutors

Studying Cards: Where To Find Courses & Tutors

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For millions of people around the world, cards are a lifestyle, a long-term interest, and can become a career. As well, recent studies have shown that playing cards prevents dementia!

Do you want to get more serious about your card playing skills? Here’s a look at where to find the best bridge, poker, and general card playing courses & tutors online.

Masterclass: Daniel Negreanu

I’m convinced that Negreanu is one of the most terrifying opponents at a poker game, but also one of the most entertaining to watch. He almost always either has (or gets) the edge. Here’s a Masterclass with his personal poker advice, from the ground up to the more complex things you’ll want to know.

Poker Lessons is an online lesson platform that connects students with chosen online lessons (or tutors) on a topic. Click above for their Poker Lessons category, but also feel free to look around for other lesson categories beyond cards.


Upswing Poker is one of the Big Guns of the online poker world. The cool thing? Upswing also offers online poker courses for people who want to fine-tune their playing. The above link takes you to a quiz which recommends the best appropriate course for you.

PokerStars School

PokerStars is another stalwart of the online poker world. Here, you’ll find a link to some courses related to their School. Basics are covered first, but (much) more advanced courses are available at the same place.

Udemy: Poker Courses

Udemy is an online course platform that wants to make learning a more accessible thing. Sign up and get access to a growing library of information in course form – and covering almost every topic you could type in. The above covers poker courses , but there’s a lot more.

Udemy: Memorize Playing Cards Like A Pro

Udemy branches out into many other topics that are useful to card players, including this as just one example. Want to learn how to memorize playing cards easier (and faster)? Have fun with it!


The ACBL can connect you with bridge teachers near you. They can also help you to become one. See this page for relevant resources, including downloadable ones, to assist you on your journey.

Best Ebridge

Best Ebridge is one of the best online bridge instruction resources you’ll find. Sign up, learn bridge – and it gets a lot of credit as a bridge resource that won’t scare newcomers senseless (or bore experienced players).

Pro Bridge (UK) is a UK-based site for bridge professionals, both teachers and players. Hire one as a teacher, or find one to speak at your club or event. Here’s where you can connect.

Joan Butts Bridge

Whenever people start talking bridge teachers, Joan’s name will come up pretty soon. Her teaching style has taught many, and yes, she can teach even the oldest card playing hound some new tricks. Find her website and added free bridge learning resources above.

52 Kards

If your interest leans towards the art of card magic, look here. 52 Kards has a collection of great courses on cardistry. Learn to amaze your friends (or scare them just a little).

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