Talking Truth about Tables

Talking Truth about Tables

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

No bridge or card room is complete without a proper table. It’s more than a functional piece – it’s a functional centerpiece and sets the tone of the entire room around it. You’ve got to think about beauty, practicality, comfort and space all at the same time. Here’s our resources for some of the coolest tables money can buy.

Antique Card Tables from I Love Antiques

Antiques have an undeniable flair, and it turns out you don’t have to blow your budget through the roof to get hold of a gorgeous piece – if you have regular card nights, the entire club can pitch in. Keep an eye on your local yard sales and pawn shops, too, or take a look at the listing of antique card tables from I Love Antiques. Prices are quoted in pounds.

Baron Barclay’s Stakmore Table

I just love this table from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies. It’s lovely and would fit really well in today’s smaller living spaces. You have a side table for when you need your space, the perfect card or games table when you have your bridge friends over, and a dining room table for holiday meal sharing. What could be better? You can also buy accompanying chairs that go with the set. Also available in cherry finishing.

Pelissier Royal Bridge Table

This is the high end of bridge tables, often seen in respected bridge clubs around the world. Handmade in the UK from first rate beech the table has  a 2″ curved wooden surround with a mahogany finish and a woolen baize playing surface.  These tables fold flat using the famous hinge  patented  by Pelissier. You can find them at our sponsors Richmond Bridge.

Masters of Games

Portability and affordability are two major factors when deciding on a card table, whether it’s for poker or bridge. Masters of Games offers these bridge card tables that fold up for an easy put-away, or you can just throw over a table-cloth for non-card playing occasions inbetween

Rye Park Gaming

Rye Park Gaming supplies, among many other things, used gambling supplies. Take a look through their listing of used tables and chairs where you can pick up slot chairs, blackjack, slots and bridge tables (and a whole range of other things) for pretty darn cheaply.

Floating Card Table

Have you ever wanted to combine card playing and your swimming pool? Well, this is now entirely possible (for some reason) thanks to Oddity Mall: You can buy this floating card table for the price of $40.87. (Yes, there’s also a floating chess set available from Amazon) 

Table Cloths

Many bridge supply outlets offer lovely cloths for your card table. You can find some of them on our Accessories page and watch for an article in the near future!

Poker Cloth

Make sure to take proper care of your card table, too: Take a look at some of these poker cloths available for purchase from website Casino Supply. You can order custom options, and some of them are waterproof.

Caring for your table

Take care of your table. Tables should be regularly wiped down with a moist (and then subsequently a dry) cloth before and after playing; clean spills up immediately after they occur; most wooden tables could do with a decent oil treatment every now and then along with their clean – and remember that water will leave horrible, horrible stains on wood. Table-cloths can be great for protecting the surface under it, especially if you’ve got an antique or inherited piece.

What’s the weirdest or most gorgeous card table you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing at? Tell us more about your weird and wonderful experiences in the comments.

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