The Best Apps To Keep Bridge Fans Occupied Over Christmas

The Best Apps To Keep Bridge Fans Occupied Over Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, there’s always a bit of travelling and spare time involved, and with that comes boredom. Yes, while it is the most wonderful time of year, there’s plenty of downtime too, whether that be sat on a train or on the sofa with the rest of the family asleep.

What’s more, there’s only so many Christmas songs you can hear on the radio, or only so many movie repeats you can watch. So, how can you keep yourself occupied?

Well, these days the smartphone is always a saviour and for the Bridge players out there, there are plenty of apps to suit your skills and hobbies.

Below you’ll find our favourite apps to keep you both entertained and busy over the festive period…


Of course, what better place to start than actually with a Bridge app. There are many Bridge apps out there with FunBridge one of the best free apps currently on the market. It’s available in both the App Store and Google Play and plays true to the traditional form of the game.

In this app you play against both the computer and friends, so if any pals aren’t available there’s still the opportunity to enjoy a game, while there are many different tournaments and challenges you can set up to create hours of fun for you and your friends, no matter where they are in the world!

If you’re missing your local Bridge club this Christmas, FunBridge offers the perfect solution.

Online Casinos

Bridge certainly offers many transferable skills when it comes to card games and the rise of online casinos has been quite staggering over the past 12 months. The likes of blackjack, poker and baccarat have grown in popularity as more people seek their thrills online, and for any Bridge player it’s well worth the transition.

Choosing the right casino app for you can be a little more difficult, but there’s plenty of guidance out there, with tons of reviews on free bets UK website, which delves into the details of each offering, alongside promotions and how respected and trustworthy a site is.

Many brands can be found by simply searching them in your app store, and in some cases you’ll even find free play so you won’t have to spend a penny.

There are tons of different games and variations of them available in online casino apps, from card games like blackjack and poker, through to online slots, roulette and even live game shows which can allow you to enjoy the likes of Deal or No Deal and Wheel of Fortune, or at least iterations of them.


If you’re a lover of Bridge, then bingo is likely to be right up your street too! Bingo apps have also become huge across 2020 and you’ll find all manner of new and exciting variants, including the likes of slingo bingo, which combines slot machine play with bingo!

Like Bridge, what you get with bingo, both online and offline, is a friendly and thriving community and if you’re missing that camaraderie with other players, then the online bingo apps could well be for you.

That’s because many brands also include chat rooms with their bingo games, allowing players to communicate with each other and enjoy their evenings, chatting about the game and anything else they may feel like. It’s what makes bingo truly special and it’s no wonder we’re seeing it absolutely bursting with players.

The way bingo online works is much the same as offline, but rather than a caller making the draw, a random number generator is used to ensure complete fairness and mean every bingo card is as likely to win as the next.

What’s more, if you’re worried about the speed in which the balls are drawn, every bingo card online is marked off automatically, meaning there’s less stress than the real thing and you can make the most of playing multiple cards to increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

Photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

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