The Most Popular Online Card Games in 2022

The Most Popular Online Card Games in 2022

Playing cards have been around for a long time; some say they date back to ancient China’s 9th century, before making their way to Europe and finally becoming the regular 52-card deck we are all familiar with today. Several other card games have been developed over the years, and each has its own body of norms.

A surge in popularity in online card games has occurred since 2020. The popularity of online card games still seems to be strong today, since many people have recognized how simple it is to play online card games.

Online card games have never been more popular, so we’ve added the best ones to our list of the best online card games in 2022 to play from the convenience of your own home.


Blizzard, Shadowverse, and magic-style gameplay may be found in Eternal, but the narrative aspect is far more expansive.

The concept is intuitive enough for expert CCG players yet innovative enough to avoid the feeling that it’s simply another Blizzard clone. Even more impressive than Shadowverse’s insane quantity of voice acting, Eternal’s deck-building options are a rarity in online card games.


As far as online card games tend to go, this one stands out from the others because it incorporates a board-building element into the gaming.

Monsters may only be put on tiles of a specified sort, like Yu-Gi-Dungeon Oh’s Dice Monsters, and they advance all across the board forward toward the opposite player in a similar manner. Although a Switch port has been confirmed, no specific date has been set for its arrival on the console.

Legends of the Elder Scrolls

Although Bethesda is having a difficult time promoting itself, the card game adaptation of The Elder Scrolls is indeed one of the best recent offerings.

While Legends borrows fighting principles from Magic and Blizzard, there are a few unique features that set it apart from other MMOs of a similar ilk. The Windows version of Legends is still playable for individuals who appreciate the Elder Scrolls universe, despite the fact that console versions have been canceled.


Shadowverse has a lot of similarities with Magic-style games, but it also manages to stand on its own as a superb solo and multiplayer game. A novice to Shadowverse may have a lot of fun learning about the various decks represented by the game’s leader cards and seeing how they play.

While the narrative mode has some ludicrous storyline twists, it also has some of the greatest card designs and artwork among online CCGs. While the commercialization mechanism in Shadowverse may be disregarded in pursuit of the game’s playing reward system, if a player wants to continue playing for free, it accomplishes the unthinkable.


The card PC version of this game is currently the most prevalent, possibly due to the later arrival of the mobile version. New games are now available across platforms, such as the games from the best new online casinos, allowing players to play their favorite casino card games on a PC or any mobile device without compromising quality and experience. There are a lot of new casinos, but it is recommended to make use of the information from reputable review sites to find out what these new operators have to offer before playing. Thus, for years after its debut, UNO has been available digitally in many ways, the best being the PC version, which has an edge over other ones, such as the Game Boy Color.

In case you’ve never played, the object of UNO is to get rid of all of your cards first. This straightforward objective may be thwarted by a variety of factors, including errors in judgment on your part or interference from other players. In spite of its simplicity, it’s a great game for the whole family to enjoy together.


Starting off as a series game in what many consider to be the finest RPG ever produced, Gwent quickly became so successful that CD Projekt Red transformed it many times as a standalone game during its lifetime. Thronebreaker is a fantastic solo experience, but there is still an online version that has garnered a cult following beyond the Witcher fan base.

Those who only played Gwent in The Witcher 3 may be surprised by the tiny changes to its mechanics, but the overall experience remains mostly the same.


Hearthstone, one of the most popular online CCGs, borrows from Magic but adds its own unique twists to make it special.

Many online collectible card games (CCGs) appear to have taken inspiration from Hearthstone. Because of this, new players who are already comfortable with other card games may get straight into Hearthstone without having to spend any time learning the basics.

Gathering Arena: Magic

Magic: The Gathering has remained the most popular trading card game (TCG) despite minor competition in the past. There have been several online versions of Magic, but Arena is likely the best for playing online.

As new combinations are published, cards and whole decks are phased out, making them ineffective. The “historical” decks may be utilized for several areas of the game’s growth, but Arena does not allow this.

Pokémon TCG

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) never achieved the kind of celebrity enjoyed by its mainstream RPG counterparts, but its fan following persists, and real-world tournaments sometimes coexist with VGC Tournaments.

People may enjoy the game online, as well as trade cards with other players, on the official website of the game, which follows in the footsteps of its more popular predecessor.

The Lord of The Rings: Adventure Card Game

The Lord of the Rings series is a great fit for a card game because of its vast backstory and cast of characters. This game allows players to do just that.

It’s a multiplayer game, unlike so many others on this list, as you and a friend assemble cards of heroes from the movie or book series and take on Sauron’s minions. This is an excellent option for individuals who desire a story to go along with their card games. 

The Bottom Note

Playing online with others at these websites may often require registering. However, the game itself can be played for free if you don’t mind seeing some adverts. While some charge a fee, it may be worthwhile if you expect to play online often, and Giftsforcardplayers gives you the very best list of trading card games as well as every other form of card game out there.

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