Talking Truth about Tables

Talking Truth about Card Tables
No bridge or card room is complete without a proper table. It’s more than a functional piece – it’s a functional centerpiece and sets the tone of the entire room around it. You’ve got to think about beauty, practicality, comfort and space all at the same time. Alex shares some of the coolest tables money can buy.

10 Casino Facts You Didn’t Know

10 Casino Facts You Didn't Know - Gifts and supplies for Card Players
Even if you’re a seasoned veteran of the casino floor, we’re willing to bet on the fact that you might not have known about any of these cool, weird or otherwise unusual casino facts and statistics.

Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand

Learn How to Shuffle a Deck, It Can Give You the Upper Hand - Great Bridge Links
Style and skill go hand in when playing any card game. Looking like you know what you’re doing is part and parcel of every card game. So learning some new shuffling tips and tricks will give your opponents the idea that you’re a whizz at whatever you’re playing.

Gambling of the Ancients

Gambling of the Ancients - Gifts for Card Players
While the first slot machine saw the casino floor for the first time in 1894, gambling is by no means a new phenomenon. In fact, we’d guess that gambling has been around about as far as mankind. We wend digging for some more information about the gambling of the ancients…

4 Easy Crafts You Can Do With Cards

Crafts with Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Whether you’re a parent of a young child, a lifelong crafter and Pinterest fan, or even a staunchly craft-averse person, there’s almost definitely a card craft out there for you!

Politicians’ Favourite Card Games

Politicians Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Politicians really do seem like the most serious of creatures - and in many cases, they have to be that way. However, sometimes they let us catch a glimpse of their not-so-stoic sides...which is always appreciated!

Ghost of a Chance: Exploring Haunted Casinos

haunted casinos skeleton poker - Gifts for Card Players
As a horror author I’ve always loved a good, bone-chilling ghost story; that got me to thinking about the world’s haunted casinos where there might be poltergeists at the poker table, kelpies playing Keno and spirits playing slots. Here’s what we could find about the haunted casinos of the world –

Looking at Antique and Vintage Card Decks

Vintage Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Guitarists call the phenomenon GAS, short for Gear Acquisition Syndrome: One can never have too many guitars – or in our case, card decks. When last did you buy ‘just one more’ for the collection? We took a look at some really cool vintage and antique card decks and where you can go to find them.

Ode to Solitaire

Ode to Solitaire - Gifts for Card Players
Solitaire is a peculiar cultural institution. It’s a favourite game of kids at summer camp, procrastination-happy office workers, introverts, and people all around the world. But few people know the true story of how this loner’s game came to be.

How to improve your focus at the card table

How to improve your focus at the bridge table

Believe it or not you don’t have to have a good memory to be a bridge expert

by Jude Goodwin
With shout outs to The Bridge Guys, and BridgeWinners.

When I first took up the game of bridge I spent hours trying to discover ways to improve my memory, tricks to help me remember the cards, the conventions, the odds involved in the game. But after a few years of this diligence,


What to offer guests at your next card party

Great snacks for the card table - poker or bridge parties
Once upon a time a friend invited a group of us over for an evening of poker. We were all to bring snacks and money and drinks of choice. One woman thought it would be a great idea to bring a chocolate fountain.

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker

By Alex J Coyne © Gifts for Card Players

Before their viral popularity, these paintings were featured on cigar boxes.

When was the last time you saw a painting of dogs playing poker? Now, when was the last time you really thought of a dog playing poker? It turns out the painting has a richer history than you would expect…

The Paintings

“Dogs Playing Poker”


The Greatest Virtual PC Casinos

The greatest virtual PC Casinoos - Gifts for Card Players
You don’t always have to visit a casino to have the full casino experience. Check out our list of some of the best free, downloadable virtual casinos and casino games from the golden good old days of DOS through to PC’s and smartphones.

Will Kickstarter and New Tech Change Playing Card Design?

Kickstarter and New Tech Change Playing Card Design - Gifts for Card Players
Through crowdfunding the public now has the power to turn proposed projects and products into reality by collectively funding them. From books to businesses, the range of active campaigns is wide indeed, but one particular category of items appears to be a favorite in the crowdfunding market: playing cards.