Card Player Christmas – What to Buy for a Blackjack Lover

Card Player Christmas – What to Buy for a Blackjack Lover

Christmas time is right around the corner, and it means deciding on some thoughtful gifts that are going to fill your friends and family with joy. Chances are that someone you are close to is keen on blackjack, as it is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. For this person, it should be fairly easy to buy a blackjack-related present which is going to help enhance their games at home.

Casino Blackjack Table

Online casinos have been recreating the real casino experience for players at home for some time now, and it has become seriously realistic. Now players can log on to the internet from their living room and instantly get connected with a live blackjack game which is happening at a casino in another country. For example, a player from the States may want to log on to a Canadian casino to access all the free spin bonuses from the sites in the North American country. They could instantly get a game at one of those sites despite being hundreds of miles away.

Aside from using online casinos, one of the best ways to recreate the casino experience at home is to use a real blackjack table. For this reason, a blackjack player would really appreciate this as a gift. A table with green felt, traditional blackjack markings, and drinks holders would make home blackjack games a lot more exciting.

We’ve featured some of these products in earlier articles but why not check them out again!

At Home Blackjack Tri-fold poker table top Poker table cover

Stylish Cards

If your friend plays a lot of blackjack, chances are they get through a fair amount of playing cards in the process. For this reason, it may be wise to buy them a more durable set which is going to last a long time. These fancier card sets cost a lot more than standard issue, but they will please anyone who handles cards on a regular basis.

Instead of going for the traditional paper cards, you could opt to buy some plastic cards which are much stronger. The KEM Arrow Plastic Cards are considered to be the best in the industry and are used in casinos and prestigious poker tournaments. They are flexible and resist scuffs, and it is claimed that they can last for many years if taken care of correctly. If the person who you are buying for is special to you, you could go for a more expensive rare option.

Electronic Shuffler

In a real casino, the dealers often use a special machine for shuffling the cards. This device mixes up the cards in a much better way than most people would be able to do if they shuffled the cards by hand. When playing blackjack at home, a lot of players get bored with the constant shuffling that they have to do, so buying a machine for your blackjack friend would make their day. The King from Shuffle Master is one of the best around and can be used for multiple decks of cards.

Chip Set

Finally, the last component to a great home blackjack game is a good chip set. There are various types of chip set you can buy, ranging from reasonably priced to quite expensive. For a mid-range option, a metal briefcase with numerous different chip colors could appeal. The chips don’t have to have values on them, as the blackjack player can set these as he wishes at the beginning of the game.

And let’s not forget the chocolate ‘coins’ for their stocking!

Poker Chips Chocolate

Buying any or all of these items for your blackjack-loving friend is likely to make their Christmas a special one.

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