Five amazing board games you may not be aware of


A good number of board games exist such as Chess and Go which were very popular in the past, including Cluedo and Ludo, to modern ones like Monopoly and Scrabble. There has been a rise in the popularity of gaming in recent times. 

Regardless, there is a need for gamers to be abreast with recent developments in the industry with regards to the launch of more games. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best games that folks can get their hands on.

The list comprises five board games that could come off as hugely popular or less depending on personal choices. Regardless, the games on the list are ones that friends and families can play together and derive significant excitement.




The popularity of this tile-based game that comprises farming, castle building, and a road-based simulator remains significant and is still attracting plaudits from fans worldwide. It’s a dream game for visitors in pubs although one would have to consider how to cope with the curiosity of locals during play.

It has been described as a well crafted and well-designed game that never repeats the same scenario. It also comprises extension packs that ensure it remains relevant and safe from extinction with regards to how players yearn for it.


Game of Thrones


This is one game whose title has garnered a worldwide reputation. Regardless, the game is still fun even for folks who haven’t seen the legendary HBO television series that has already come to an end, I must say. 

It can pass for a superb strategy game and will offer more excitement for folks who have seen the show. It can also pass for a very intense game that attracts the full attention of its players. Talking about the need for focus, players can see how well focused they can be at, a reliable online casino that offers folks huge chances of winning big.


Dead of Winter


Dead of Winter is a thrilling co-op board game that centers on survival during winter in a post-apocalyptic zombified world. 

It’s one game where players are tasked with managing the resources of colonies to ensure that no one gets starved and that the smell of the camp doesn’t become unbearable as they try to accomplish their overall task.

In the game, the player may be required to find a cure, secure enough gear to ensure movement to another town or scour for enough fuel to keep the generators running. 

Meanwhile, players have a secret agenda that may require them to be selfish or even cause friends to fail so that their mission can be completed. The game comprises of Crossroad cards that add unexpected events, although the events can only materialize if certain conditions are met.


Ticket to Ride


This is a game for folks who have pictured themselves as 19th-century rail magnates at some point in their lives. It’s one game where players can choose to adopt 1920s American gangster accents as they build or block routes across the continent. This is one funny aspect of the game, albeit not necessary. The game also has a European version that folks there can take advantage of.


Survive: Escape from Atlantis


This is centered on the foolish folks of Atlantis who were eventually and rightly punished for their evil ways by vengeful gods. It must be noted that the board game has mutated occasionally since its launch in the 80s. However, folks will fall in love with the recent versions of the game.

Players are tasked with trying to escape the sinking island and may be required to help each other occasionally. However, they’ll have to feed each other’s explorers to sea monsters and sharks.

It’s possible that you’re not aware of the aforementioned board games. They are exciting nonetheless and should be taken advantage of.

Photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

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