Ode to Solitaire

Ode to Solitaire - Gifts for Card Players
Solitaire is a peculiar cultural institution. It’s a favourite game of kids at summer camp, procrastination-happy office workers, introverts, and people all around the world. But few people know the true story of how this loner’s game came to be.

A Return to the Classics: What’s Behind the Card and Board Game Resurgence?

Board games are popular again
Sites like Kickstarter have proven hugely popular for raising money, with the board game niche being one of the most active on the website.

Card Regulations 101

Playing Card Heart Family
So, just what is a regulation style playing card deck? Have you ever played a game with a deck of Spanish playing cards? Quick! What are the card hand values in poker? Check out some of our facts about standard playing card regulations and various card games for the answers.

eKasi Casino

eKasi Cassino - Gifts for Card Players
Cassino is a basic card-fishing game with several variations and mostly the same rules. The origin of Cassino is usually noted as being Italian, evolving from the fishing game of Scopa. Early mentions of the game go as far back as the 18th century. Read more here.

3 Great Trading Card Games for All Ages

Trading Card Games
Love playing cards? Then you should love some of these trading card game picks. Unlike regular playing cards, the charm of a trading card deck is that the player can create their own deck using cards they have collected.

Eating Card Games: When College Drinking Grows Up

For your next holiday party, or just any excuse for a party on a random Friday night, here are some card inspired eating games with recommended dishes that are most satisfying.

Playing Sevens for Cheap Prizes on Christmas is Better Than Watching TV

Family playing cards at Christmas
The pile of prizes we had were bought from a pound store and were things like lip balm and ballpoint pens. They were wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. This created an extraordinary effect. I imagined that they were much more than they were, despite being told that nothing cost more than a pound.

What My Husband and I Learned Playing Old Maid

Children's card games

by Margie Pignataro, for Gifts for Card Players © 2016

My husband and I decided not to buy each other expensive presents for our birthdays, but I wanted to get him something, some little thing that would ease his work stress. So I went to Target and hit the party supply aisle. (For my fortieth birthday I had a My Little Pony party. And, yes, I do have a My Little Pony deck of cards.) I bought him a Star Wars birthday banner,


Five Reasons Your Children Should Play Cards

Kids Love Cards - play with your kids

Five Reasons Your Children Should Play Cards

Looking for the next fun activity for your kids this summer? Shuffle up a deck of cards!

One of the oldest, most traditional pastime activities, card games can bring your children tremendous benefits through developing basic life skills. It’s a great way to spend family time together and also learn more about each other. Try a competitive round of Crazy Eights to find out!