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By Alex J. Coyne © 2018 Great Bridge Links

Are you a fan of cartoons and comic strips? We searched the web for the best resources for poker or casino related cartoons and we found some pretty good ones! From the dog whose wagging tail gives away his hand every time to Family Guy featuring a session of strip poker, you’ll enjoy these links. And let’s start it all with one of my favourites: Bugs Bunny in Casino!

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Gambling Cartoons by Jerry King

Jerry King is a well-known cartoonist who has a long history drawing cartoons for publications including Playboy Magazine – and, well, he has some things to say about gambling while he’s at it. You can find his gambling cartoons collected over at Let’s Talk Winning, or you can find his official website for the rest of his work over here.

Dilbert: Ten Good Ones from the Website

Okay, if you’ve ever picked up a newspaper you’ll probably be familiar with the Dilbert series of cartoons by now. The strip first started in April 1989, and features Dilbert, a mild-mannered dressed-up office worker who is, well, possibly whom Garrfield could have been if he were a human office worker instead of a huge pasta-lovin’ ginger. Love or hate Dilbert, you can’t ignore its influence as a comic strip. From the official website, you can find all comics tagged with “gambling.”

Family Guy

During its run, Family Guy has had something to say about almost every topic you can think of – and much of it has blurred the line between biting social commentary, comedy and really off-colour humour. And, they couldn’t resist poking fun at Dogs Playing Poker with a scene that shows Mayor West joining in a game of poker amongst the hounds (Season 5, Episode 4).

They didn’t stop there, either. Here’s Peter Griffin playing poker on YouTube. Oh, and here’s Family Guy playing strip poker with poker playing Superheroes. And Peter’s poker face. Let’s not forget that a lot of the Family Guy cast and crew happen to be card players – maybe they’re even Great Bridge Links readers!

The Simpsons

We couldn’t cover cartoons and comic strips without mentioning another one of the greats: The Simpsons. They’ve covered the subjects of poker and gambling more times than we can list here – but the one that really happens to stand out is the one where Lisa jumps head first into online poker. Nope, we didn’t see that one coming either.

Bridge Mix: The Bridge Cartoons of Charles Schulz

Did you know that the author of the Peanuts-series happened to be an avid bridge fan? We saved the best for last. Pick up a copy of Bridge Mix if you can find one, a collection of the bridge cartoons created by the famed Charles Schulz over the years.

More Cartoons?

Want more cartoons? Check out Poker Cartoons by Mark Parisi and Poker Cartoons by Marty Bucella. And, while it’s not a cartoon, we’ve spotted some notable and pretty damn cool card, poker, gambling and bridge references in TV lately – including Young Sheldon. Cool!

Table Talk: Go Ahead, Laugh!

Jude Goodwin, owner of Great Bridge Links, has published two books of bridge cartoons. You can find them on amazon by clicking here

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