Two New Slots to Play and One to Look Forward To This Summer

Two New Slots to Play and One to Look Forward To This Summer

Published 2017 – The online gaming community grows faster each day, the demand for the games is huge, and that is why companies from this industry keep launching new slot machines very fast. It is very hard to pull out only a few machines that are great to play this year, but there are criteria which cover everything that is important to a gambler:

  • Design and Graphics
  • Bonuses
  • Functionality
  • Structure
  • Reliability

A few years ago there were games focused on two, maybe three things from the list and the others were mediocre, but nowadays when the market is incredibly competitive, it is required for a developer to cover up all the five criteria.

Some of the best companies in the industry are: Microgaming, 888, NetEnt, International Game Technology Slot Machines and Konami which you can find at the

Even companies like Konami spotted the opportunity in the online gambling industry and joined the community, proving just how strong it is. All of these companies shoot out great machines, each better than the previous one with additional features and new ideas, but we took out the two most entertaining machines which the gamblers chose as their favorites in the reviews, giving them four or more stars.

When Pigs Fly

When the pigs fly is usually a phrase that is used to describe something that is never going to happen, but this title from NetEnt Gaming is here to break the stereotype of that phrase. We made a list of reasons why the “When Pigs Fly” is a great new machine:

  • It has both wild and scatter signs
  • Free spins & re-spins
  • 3,125 pay lines!

It is not a mistake, you read that right – 3,125 win lines! That is truly something new and not seen before. The 256 and 1024 ways to win machines have already existed for a few years now, but NetEnt developers tried something new and completely nailed it.

The machine has 5 reels and 3 rows, but it is not a standard structure. The rows have 1, 3, 5, 3, 1 reels included, respectively. What’s even more amazing is that the structure changes, adding the reels to the rows immediately after the first re-spin. 135, 405, 675, 1125, 1875 ways to win are played for the five re-spin respectively, and if there is a winning combination at the fifth, 8 free spins are awarded and played using the 3,125 win lines.

The machine came out in late 2016, which means it is a relatively new product that managed to receive great feedback from the customers.


Another game that comes from NetEnt is called the NRVNA – The Nxt Xperience. The machine was released in late 2016, at the same time as the When Pigs Fly, proving that NetEnt developers are delivering only the best products nowadays and that even the best of the best can improve.

The machine offers such features as The wild and scatter signs, AutoPlay, Multipliers, Free Spins, Static Jackpot and Generous RTP.

Every gambler loves a good RTP (Return To Player), and that is exactly what is available at the NRVNA slot – 96.60% RTP. Considering that it is a five reel – three-row machine, the RTP over 95.00% is really good.

The futuristic space theme allows the players to experience something that is “Out of this world” as NetEnt states. It has 30 adjustable win lines, and their number can be increased or decreased one by one.

Scatter in this game provide 10, 15 and 30 free spins when 3, 4 or 5 scatters appear respectively. Even after the feature is activated, a bonus wheel will randomly choose the multiplier and add up to 2 additional free spins. Those multipliers apply for the whole feature, multiplying even the combinations including the wild card.

Before we introduce to you the new slot machine to look forward to this summer, here are some honorable mentions from the 2016 and early 2017:

  1. Avatar by the IGT
  2. Big Bad Wolf by the Quickspin
  3. Karaoke Party – Microgaming
  4. Frozen Diamonds – Microgaming

The Phantom of the Opera

Microgaming and The Really Useful Group managed to make a deal and license an agreement so that Microgaming can make a slot machine based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s movie from 2004.

The Phantom Of The Opera is probably the most famous Opera in the history, watched by over 150 million people from all around the world. The topic is obviously very popular, and as Microgaming stated at the ICE 2017 in London, the game will be a mix of new mode free spin rounds and standard game features.

They didn’t want to reveal too much, but it is known that the main characters, well-known music and even some footage from the movie will be included. The Phantom Of The Opera slot machine is going to be released later this year, probably in the summer.

Microgaming is a company that covers many online gambling fields and features, such as Mobile Casino, Bingo, Poker, Live Dealers, Multi-player.

That is one of the reasons why they do not shoot out new slot machines each month, as some of their competitors, but the high-quality of the ones they do launch justifies the time breaks between the two new machines.

There is no doubt that The Phantom Of The Opera slot is going to be modern, unique and popular because it was the main topic at the ICE 2017. Microgaming proved the concept that they can make products go from zero to hero in no time making the completely new and unique machines that reached the top of the market, as well as using movies, celebrities and cities as the inspiration for the game and still managing to keep the customers happy.

To conclude with, we are in the era when the online gambling along with the technology progresses fast allowing companies to make their ideas become a reality.


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