Gambling of the Ancients

Gambling of the Ancients - Gifts for Card Players
While the first slot machine saw the casino floor for the first time in 1894, gambling is by no means a new phenomenon. In fact, we’d guess that gambling has been around about as far as mankind. We wend digging for some more information about the gambling of the ancients…

4 Easy Crafts You Can Do With Cards

Crafts with Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Whether you’re a parent of a young child, a lifelong crafter and Pinterest fan, or even a staunchly craft-averse person, there’s almost definitely a card craft out there for you!

Politicians’ Favourite Card Games

Politicians Playing Cards - Gifts for Card Players
Politicians really do seem like the most serious of creatures - and in many cases, they have to be that way. However, sometimes they let us catch a glimpse of their not-so-stoic sides...which is always appreciated!

Ghost of a Chance: Exploring Haunted Casinos

haunted casinos skeleton poker - Gifts for Card Players
As a horror author I’ve always loved a good, bone-chilling ghost story; that got me to thinking about the world’s haunted casinos where there might be poltergeists at the poker table, kelpies playing Keno and spirits playing slots. Here’s what we could find about the haunted casinos of the world –